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Turnip thinning must be done when it develops 3-4 leaves.

Turnip cultivation is done on fertile soil. When the third or fourth leaves of the turnip plant emerges then thinning should be done. Regular thinning provides ample space for the growing plants, but the timing depends on the intended use of the plants. Turnips grown strictly for their greens are happy when crowded, but turnips grown for their roots require additional growing space. Turnips grown for roots are thinned for the first time when the seedlings are about 4 inches tall. A spacing of 2 to 6 inches allows for the roots to develop without crowding. The small seedlings that are removed are tender. Thinning is important for the proper growth and development of roots. Weeding should be done to remove all the weeds that compete for the nutrients and space. Minimum 2-3 weeding are enough and after second weeding half kg urea per acre should be applied. Weedicides can be also used to remove weeds, but due to some weedicides application the top portion of turnip is often damage. So proper management should be done in order to obtain a good crop.

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