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Punjab encourages drip, sprinkler irrigation under PIPIP

Government of Punjab is encouraging drip & sprinkler irrigation (High Efficiency Irrigation System) under on-going Punjab Irrigated-Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project (PIPIP) for saving water in field. Under this project, Agriculture Department is installing drip & sprinkler irrigation on subsidy basis in the fields of farmers. Drip irrigation system is suitable for crop cultivation when irrigation water or rainwater is not enough for conventional farming. This technology, so far, has been adopted by many farmers across Punjab owing to acute shortage of river water and limited rains. Secretary Agriculture Punjab Syed Wasif Khursheed said here on Thursday that keeping in view its high efficiency in conserving water, increasing per acre yield and reducing cost of cultivation, there is a need to create awareness among farmers about the drip irrigation system. With this technology, the farmers could save 60 percent electricity and diesel costs augmenting per acre yield by 100 percent. The government is helping farmers adopt this system by providing drip irrigation equipment at subsidized rates and providing 60 percent subsidy on installation of Drip irrigation system. He said that there is 40 to 50 percent saving of fertilizer if drip irrigation system is used. Currently, the system is used for small scale cultivation e.g 12.5 acre of land. However, other techniques and methods are underway to extend the program for large scale cultivation. Drip irrigation technology is being provided to farmers by government on subsidized cost with financial assistance from the World Bank. Wasif Khurshid further says that it is need of time to move towards modern resource conservation technologies such as drip irrigation to cope with the situation of water scarcity in upcoming years. The need of time is to start water saving awareness campaign. Water saving is need of time as next century wars will be fought over water. Drip irrigation installation can help a lot in saving available water.

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