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Optimum temperature and humidity are necessary for growth and yield of tomatoes.

According to agriculture experts, for better growth and development of tomatoes, appropriate climatic conditions are required. Tomato is a warm season crop, it requires warm and cool climate. The plants cannot withstand frost and high humidity. Light intensity also affects pigmentation, fruit colour and fruit set. The plant is highly affected by adverse climatic conditions. It requires different climatic range for seed germination, seedling growth, flower and fruit set, and fruit quality. Temperature below 10◦C and above 38◦C adversely affects plants. It thrives well in temperature 10◦C to 30◦C with optimum range of temperature is 18-27◦C. The mean temperature below 16◦C and above 27◦C are not desirable. The plant doesn’t withstand frost, it requires low to medium rainfall, and does well under average monthly temperature of 21 to 23◦C. Avoid water stress and long dry period as it causes cracking of fruits. Bright sunshine at the time of fruit set helps to develop dark red coloured fruits. This type of weather is available during March-April and September-October. For spring crop of tomato, nursery is raised during November and seedlings are protected from frost by covering them.

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