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Growers should complete planting of mango plants till 30th September.

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to complete the process of planting mango plants till 30th September. Healthy and productive orchard requires planning and preparation. They said growers should timely plant mango, so that growth can begin timely. Soil must be properly prepared. Once the trees are planted they need to be protected from the wind and sun. In cold areas, frost protection will be required for young plants. Mango trees should be planted as 4-18 month old seedlings or grafted plants. Planting time is generally from April to September when the plants are slow growing or dormant. At planting, cut leaves to reduce the total leaf surface area to reduce the rate of water loss through transpiration. This helps reduce transplanting shock and the trees recover more quickly. For planting in orchard plants should be medium sized and not be more than 3 years. Width of rootstock and scion must be equal and the bud union should be 20-30cm above from ground level.

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