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Fertilizers should be applied at appropriate time to Jamun plants.

Farmers are instructed to apply fertilizers for Jamun plants at accurate time. Because for proper growth and development of plants, efficient use of fertilizers is very necessary. Agriculture Experts said for Jamun plants if fertilizers are applied at specific time, then fruits growth and development will be best and hence production will increase. They said for Jamun small plants 20-30kg well decomposed farm yard manure and 50-55kg farm yard manure for bearing plants is recommended. Moreover, they said farmers should apply 0.25g Urea, 0.25g DAP and half kg SOP for small plants and 0.75g Urea, DAP and SOP respectively to bearing plants. Fertilizers should be applied near the canopy of tree and mixed in the soil by hoeing. On very rich soils, trees have a tendency to put on more vegetative growth with the result that fruiting is delayed. When the trees show such a tendency, they should not be supplied with any manure and fertilizer. Irrigation should be given just after manuring. Young plants require 6-8 irrigations for better growth. In bearing trees, irrigation should be given from September to October for better fruit bud formation and from May to June for better development of fruits. Normally 5-6 irrigations are required.

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