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During frost period light irrigation must be done in wheat crop.

Agriculture experts have directed farmers to do light irrigation during frost period. Frost occurs when cold air blows into an area to replace warmer air that was present before the weather change. When light irrigation is done during frost period, water begins to freeze and heat is released. It is the heat that prevents the temperature from being drop. In this way crop is saved from frost damage and farmers can hence obtain higher production from the cultivated crop.

To save the crop from freezing and chilling injury, measures should be taken timely. It is essential to protect the crops during winters. To protect the early and late crop of wheat from frost damage, proper use of urea must be ensured. Hoeing must be done when there is proper level of moisture, so that the conserved moisture become available at upper surface and help maintain the temperature of the soil. Moreover, they added that in the expected nights of frost, pits should be made on different sides of wheat field and filled with straw. Then fire should be made and it must be covered, the produced smoke will protect the crop from frost damage.

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