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Advice to start Ginger harvesting

The best time to harvest ginger crop is at the end of December when the ginger leaves dry and the shoots fall down. If seeds are to be prepared for the next planting, then the crop can also be harvested in February. During this time, it is important to be careful that the rain water does not stand in the ...

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Farmers should adopt better strategies for water usage

Water serves as the back bone of cultivating agriculture commodities and for obtaining bumper yields, but now the whole world is facing water scarcity which is having a very bad impact on crop production. Therefore, farmers should adopt better water usage strategies. To obtain maximum yield, farmers should level the land with the help of laser leveler and choose those varieties ...

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Land selection and preparation for high yield of soybean

Timely cultivation, and selection of loamy soil is very important for better production of soy bean. The drainage system of the soil should be good so that it does not damage the crop. While preparing the land, plaughing should be done two to three times following planking. Approved soybean varieties like Williams 82, NARC1, NARC2, Faisal soybeans must be cultivated ...

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Precautions to avoid damage by Mango Mealybugs

Mealybugs affect the flowering process of mangoes. Nymphs of mealybugs climb the mango trees in January and suck the sap due to which plant bears very less fruit and even if the fruit develops, it shrinks and in severe condition the entire plant dries. The farmers should inspect the garden every 2 to 3 days til the end of December, ...

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Farmers are instructed to cultivate sunflower crop.

Farmers should cultivate sunflower crop in rows for good yield. Row to row distance should be 30 inches plant to plant 9 inches in irrigated areas and 12 inches in rainy areas. Farmers should be careful to ensure that the seeds are sown in the moist condition and the seeds should not be more than two inches deep.

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Farmers are instructed to harvest potato crop.

Farmers should harvest the potato fall crop from late December to mid-January. Farmers should stop the irrigation of potato crop minimum two weeks before harvesting. During harvesting, take care not to injure the potatoes. Because in this way, where the potatoes stored in cold storage are consumed, they have very little value in the market. If the potatoes kept in ...

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Fertilizers imports reduces 25.60% in four months.

The fertilizers manufactured imports into the country during first four months of current financial year decreased by 25.60% as compared the imports of the corresponding period of last year.During the period from Jul-October, 2019, about 889,395 metric tons of fertilizers worth $320.149 million imported to fulfill the domestic requirements as compared the imports of 995,549 metric tons valuing $430.323 million ...

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Farmers get more production by adding fertilizers according to soil analysis and crop.

Farmers should analyze the soil at district level laboratories to detect the soil fertility and prepare it according to the crop. The amount of salts, nitrogen, potash and boron etc. present in soil are detected by soil analysis. Farmers can achieve maximum yield by applying fertilizers according to the crop based on soil analysis. The best method to obtain a ...

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Drone spray is an effective solution to control locusts.

Agriculture spraying drone is the most effective and safest way to eradicate locust. Spraying done by aeroplane or helicopter is not that effectual because the distance between aeroplane and the affected crop is enough and also spraying through aeroplane or helicopter in hilly and desert areas is difficult, whereas it also increases environmental pollution and can be harmful for crops. ...

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