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Sea food exports declined by 4.11%

Exports of fish and other seafood items have been declined at 4.11 percent in the corresponding period of last financial year. According to data from the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, data from July 2018 to May 2019, Pakistan earned 40 crore 64 lacs 65 thousands $ from the exports of Fish and other Seafood, which was 4.11% lower than the ...

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Termites attack causes severe damage to sugarcane crop: Agriculture Experts

Being a long duration crop, weeds, insect pests and diseases attack the crop from sowing to harvest and reduce the yields substantially and erode the profitability of the farmers.Termites attack causes severe damage to sugarcane crop. Termites attack the planted sugarcane setts, usually from cut ends or eye buds but in severe cases internodes as well. After germination, roots are ...

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Remove weaker plants from the sesame fields

Agriculture department has directed farmers to remove weak plants from the field when 6 to 8 leaves emerges, and the plant to plant distance should be 10 to 15 cm or 4 to 6 inches so that these plants do not affect other healthy plants. Even water, air and agricultural medicine are saved by removing extra plants and good production ...

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The price of urea fertilizer is now Rs 2040

Agricultural commodity prices increase due to rise in fertilizer prices After approval of budget 2019-20 from National Assembly, the price of urea fertilizer has increased by 210 rupees. The price of urea fertilizer has been Rs 2040. The old value of fertilizer bag was set up to Rs 1830. The prices of fertilizer are also expected to increase the prices ...

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‘Agri research playing vital role in ensuring food security’

Punjab Secretary Agriculture Dr Wasif Khurshid said that agricultural research is playing an important role in ensuring food security of the country. Wasif appreciating work speed and enthusiasm/dedication of agricultural scientists towards completion of their tasks claimed that pro-farmer policies of the government resulted in 3.81 percent growth rate during this year. Similarly, crop sector witnessed 9 percent increase in ...

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Vegetable prices per kg in provincial capital

On Thursday vegetable rates were as follows New Potato price was 20 to 21 rupees, onion 37 to 39 and tomatoes 25 to 27.  In the similar way china ginger was 236 to 245, spinach 16 to 17, brinjal was 33 to 35, okra 53 to 55, bitter guard 72 to 75, pumpkin was 30 to 32 rupees, peas 112 ...

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Fruit prices per kg in local market

Fruit prices in the local market were as follows; Apple kala kullu (pahari) was from 164 to 170 rupees, apple kala kullu (maidani) was 130 to 135 rupees and bananas were 58 to 60 rupees per dozen. Similarly, Dates (Irani) were 144 to 150 and Mango (chonsa) 120 to 125 per kg.

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Organic Farming

Organic Farming is a modern & close to nature farming system, which maintains the long-term fertility of the soil to produce high quality nutritious food grains/vegetables/fruits. Weeds are controlled by mechanical methods. Artificial fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators and livestock feed additives are restricted/prohibited. Organic Farming implies that the farmers should use organically produced seed, which shows more strength & yield ...

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Farmers instructed to start cultivating pumpkin instantly

Agriculture experts instructed farmers to starting cultivation of pumpkins instantly and said to cultivate as early as possible. Complete its cultivation process for the first week of July so that better growth can be achieved. He said that timely completion of the late sowing of pumpkins can give positive results. He said that for the cultivation of pumpkins; select such ...

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