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Opening of latest cold storage in Karachi for vegetable exports

KARACHI: The cold storage for vegetable exports with support of US aid has been inaugurated. US Council General, JoAnne Wagner inaugurated the latest cold storage for vegetable exports, on this occasion, USAID’s Director for Sindh and Balochistan Michael H. Hryshchyshyn, chairman of Pakistan Finance and Vegetable Association (PFVA) and, Director General of the Department of Plant and Protection Dr. Falak ...

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The cultivation of Kharif’s fodder should be completed till May

Agriculture experts advised farmers to cultivate kharif fodder like sorghum, rhodes grass, kallar grass, jantar, sada bahar, cluster bean, mott grass and cow peas till mid of april so that good produce can be obtained. They said that by timely sowing of sada bahar fodder multiple cuttings can be achieved. Sada bahar should be cultivated by drill in rows at ...

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Pesticides should be last option for controlling pests.

Agriculture spokesman has advised farmers to apply pesticides only after applying all other techniques including the biological control to tackle pests and diseases. The spokesman said that pesticides should be applied while keeping in view the crop and the economic threshold level (ETL) of the pests and diseases. Farmers should apply only the registered pesticides and there should be a ...

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Campaign for Cotton Crop

Agriculture Department has started a special campaign for farmers to equip them with the latest cotton production technology including sowing starting from April 15. In this regard, all the radio stations of Punjab including Faisalabad, Sargodha, Mianwali, Multan, Bahawalpur and Lahore will broadcast special programs for farmers in which they will enlighten the important points regarding cotton cultivation for obtaining ...

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Use of mobile phone in rural area for agriculture development

In most developing countries, agriculture is the main source of income. Lack of access to relevant information leads to low yields, famers stress and low income. Nowadays Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have the potential to transform agriculture in rural area. Smart phones and its applications have come with great innovations. The applications have been developed to help farmers reduce ...

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Soybean annual import reached 30 million tons.

Annual import of soybean in Karachi increased and reached up to 30 million tons. During the last 5 years, highest consumption of soybean was recorded in Pakistan, due to which the import of soybean has been increased to 30 million tons. Soybean is not only used for preparingpoultry feed, but edible oil is also extracted from its seed. Imran Nasirullah, Head ...

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Feed used for poultry is according to the international standard, Poultry Association

Islamabad (APP) Pakistan poultry Association representative said hazardous feed cannot be used for growth of chicken. Poultry feed used for birds growth is according to international standard. He has given another statement that across the world; develop countries produce chicken weighing 2.2 kg in 5 weeks but in Pakistan it takes 6 weeks to produce the same weight. He said ...

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Use of injections for increasing milk production is harmful.

The number of cows and buffalos in the country is very high and the total production of milk at the domestic level is about 35%, but this milk is inaccessible to fulfill the growing human needs. Nowadays farmers inject oxytocin hormone in milking animals to increase the production and drainage of milk. The use of this injection is wrong and ...

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JazzCash to digitize agriculture payments

The Punjab agriculture department encouraged the farmers in an effort to strengthen production and efficiency of crops and has decided to financially support the cost of producing the crops. Punjab agriculture department will pay out the support price on fertilizer, cotton, oil seeds and other agricultural inputs through JazzCash. The JazzCash team has developed a user friendly interface for the ...

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