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Prevention of honey comb from wax moth.

Apiculturists should clean the hives thoroughly to prevent it from wax moths. The entrance of the hives should be tightened and the other holes should be closed. According to the specialists,  these wax  moths make silky tunnels  in the honey combs and during extreme attack, destroy the combs completely as a result of which the bees leaves the hive and ...

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Farmers are advised to start Bitter Gourd cultivation from February.

Agriculture expert has advised farmers to start cultivation of bitter gourd from February and complete it by the end of March to get bumper yield. A spokesman of agriculture extension department told that growers should cultivate approved varieties of bitter gourd as these had better disease resistance in addition to provide maximum produce. Farmers should use 3 or 4 kg ...

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Necessary steps to save crops from the impact of frost.

Farmers have been advised to take necessary steps keeping in view the weather conditions and to protect crops from the effects of frost. A spokesman of the agriculture department said on Wednesday that plants should be covered with plastic sheets and slight irrigation should be carried out to save crops from adverse effects of cold weather. Vegetables grown in tunnels ...

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Ducks as effective pest control.

Pakistan is amongst top ten most populous countries of the world and more than 65% of the population lives in rural areas. Besides financial constraints the people are facing serious issues of disease outbreak because there are big reservoirs of waste water that are places of many pathogens. Ducks rearing was a traditional source of protein in rural Punjab but ...

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To protect the poultry from diseases effective measures must be taken, Livestock Experts.

Prevention and control of poultry diseases is one of the most important factor for the profitability of poultry farming business. Livestock experts have directed farmers to take effective measures in order to protect the poultry from different diseases. They said that effective strategies must be ensured to prevent the poultry from harmful diseases. The cleanliness of the shed should be ...

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Apply Bordeaux Mixture on Citrus Plants.

On Recommendation of field staffs Fungicide must be applied,Agriculture Experts. Agriculture Experts recommended gardener to start pruning and after that apply bordeaux mixture and also apply appropriate fungicide. Drop fruits must be thrown away and with the suggestion of Specialist apply fertilizers.

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Weeds must be effectively managed in wheat crop.

In order to achieve higher production, weeds should be properly managed. To increase production per acre the prevention of weeds growth is necessary, because weeds causes 42% reduction in production. Timely application of spray must be ensured, spray for the control of broad leaves must be applied after first irrigation. About 100-120 litre water must be used for respective chemical. ...

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Rain’s Spell to Boost Wheat, Oil Seed Pulses Production: Experts

The current spell of winter rains across the country will bring about positive impact on all seasonal crops cultivated over millions of hectares, besides benefiting human health, livestock and aquaculture. Member Plant Sciences said that the rains would bring about positive impact on oil seeds included mustard and canola that have also been cultivated over thousands of hectares and pulses ...

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