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Pesticides Should Be Last Option for Killing Pest.

Agriculture spokesman has advised farmers to apply pesticides only after applying all other techniques including the biological control to tackle pests and diseases. Spray should be applied till 9 is in the morning or after 4 pm in the evening and at a time when incidence of pests reach economic threshold level. Spray should be avoided in case of winds ...

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Spray water, to protect roses from pests

Spray water to protect roses from pests like lice and other sucking insects, with the intervals of four to five to prevent any damage to the rose. It is also important to check root stock in the nursery for grafting. If the stem seems weak, farmers should irrigate the crop after applying excess fertilizer and do T-budding on root stock. ...

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Ensure maximum cultivation of green fodder in rain fed areas

Supply of green fodder is essential for the better performance and development of livestock and without green fodder a balanced diet for livestock is not possible, so farmers should ensure maximum cultivation of green fodder in rain fed areas. Agriculture accounts for 21.7 per cent of Pakistan’s domestic production, while live stock accounts for 53 percent and agricultural commodities accounts ...

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Drip Irrigation System Vital For Agriculture

Use of modern drip irrigation system enables farmers to effectively provide water and fertilizer to the crop . Agriculture (Planning) Additional Secretary Abaid Ullah said this during a meeting in which representatives of the World Bank briefed him about the project aimed at increasing the yielding capacity of “Aabpash Zarat in Punjab” at civil secretariat.He said growers must be motivated ...

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Farmers should cultivate only approved varieties to achieve better yields of farmers

Experts have instructed the farmers to cultivate only approved varieties of sugarcane, and avoid cultivating prohibiting varieties. For early germination varieties farmers can cultivate CPF243, CPF246, CPF247, SHF240, HSF242, CP77-400, CP72-2086, CP433-33, CPF237 etc. For seasonal germination, varieties SPF 245, 234,213, SPSG 26 etc can be cultivated to get the best yield.  Also for late germination COJ 84 variety can ...

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Twice Pest Scouting Recommended To Control Leaf Curl Virus Attack.

Punjab Agriculture Department has advised the paddy growers to carry out pest scouting twice a week to control leaf curl virus attack on the crop. A spokesman for the department said that the chances of attack of leaf curl virus on paddy crop could increase during September.Therefore, farmers should stay vigilant.He said that growers should seek guidance from the Agriculture ...

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Farmers must harvest cotton after drying cotton bolls

Due to the moisture in the cotton, problems and difficulties are faced during the process of ginning, so the farmers should pick up cotton bolls after drying of the dew so that the cotton does not become dull. After picking cotton, it should be placed in dry clean muslin cloth and then stored in a clean high and dry place ...

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Spurious Pesticides Seized In Multan.

The agriculture department has seized spurious pesticides from Basti Malook area. According to official sources, Assistant Director Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides Shahid Hussain raided at shops in Basti Malook and recovered huge quantity of spurious pesticides. Basti Malook police have registered cases under section 21A, APO23a against teh alleged outlaws Muhammad Sajjad, Sadaqat Ali, Abdul Kareem and ...

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Instructions to complete the mango plantation by mid-September

Gardeners should complete the process of planting new mangoes by mid-September so that timely growth can begin. This month is very suitable for planting new plants. For plantation, select mango plants that are of medium height and are more than 3 years old. The root stock and the thickness of the scion should be approximately equal. The tree canopy should ...

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