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Decline in Palm Oil Prices

Malaysian Palm Oil prices recorded a decline of more than one percent Due to the impact of other edible oil prices and decrease in demand in the global market, Deal of Palm Oil in the declined to 1997 ranget per tons by 1.2 percent in the Burma Malaysia Derivatives Exchange.

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Fruit fly attack on mango trees

Agriculture department has issued guidelines for the cultivators of mangoes and said that fruit flies attack mango flowers in March and April and affect its fruit. This fly mostly attacks the floral branches of the tree and completely destroys its inflorescence. The most effective and easy way to eliminate these fruit flies is to kill them in the ground. After ...

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Good soil preparation is essential for growing vegetable crops.

All vegetables need soil that is rich in nutrients. It is very important to properly prepare soil for obtaining higher productivity of vegetable. Because at cultivation at higher and low places adversely affect seed growth and production due to lack of moisture available there. Therefore, the field should be properly prepared and made completely smooth after deep ploughing. If simple ...

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Recommendations to cotton growers by agriculture experts

To save cotton crop from the attack of white flies one should spray insecticide with the consultation of agriculture experts. Whereas to protect the crop from diseases the crop should be sprayed in the morning or evening with the help of hollow cone nozel sprayer to get positive results. The spokesperson said that the thinning of the plants should be ...

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Take steps to keep the animals safe from hot weather, DG Wildlife

Director General Wildlife and Parks Lieutenant (R) Sohail Ashraf has said that provide the best facilities and pollution-free environment to all wildlife parks and zoos across the province, there should be cleaning facilities and also special measures taken to protect the animals and birds with severe heat. Private Wildlife Breeding Farmers having lion or other cat family animals should be ...

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Government should immediately issue wheat quota to flour mills

Chairman of Pakistan flour mills association (Punjab), Habib ur rehman khan laghari said that the price of wheat in the open market has exceeded 1400 rupees. The government should immediately issue official wheat to flour mills or else the price of 20kg of flour bag will be Rs 800. He said if flour mills would buy expensive wheat from the ...

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Deputy Commissioner Amir Khattak distributed Zameen Sehat Cards among farmers in Shujabad here on Saturday.

Addressing the gathering, the DC said the cards would play an important role for development of agriculture sector in the country.He said the Zameen Sehat Cards were part of government’s farmer-friendly policy.He said cards were being provided to farmers after analysis of the lands, which would help farmers select better fertilizers for their lands.Director Agriculture Faiz Muhammad said the field ...

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Plant Protection Measures for Pomegranate

Insect pests mostly observed are fruit borer, mealy bugs, aphids, white fly and fruit sucking moths. Spraying with dimethoate , deltamethrin or malathion etc. depending upon the type of pest infestation has been found to be effective in most cases. The main diseases reported are leaf spot and fruit rot. Application of Mancozeb (2g./l.) during rainy season in case of ...

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Pakistan poultry industry working hard to overcome dietary shortage

In Pakistan, poultry feeds are not imported from any other country, particularly the Indian feed. All the ingredients used in the preparation of poultry feed especially corn, rice and fish meal etc are produced in Pakistan. At present, more than 1.5 million people are affiliated with the poultry sector, in which the investment volume has reached 750 billion, 80% poultry ...

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