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Best Climate for tomato Cultivation

Tomato is very sensitive to cold. In most cultivars, flowering does not develop normally below 15oC or above 35oC. The optimum range lies between 21oC and 24oC. Seed germination does not occur in soil temperature below 10oC or beyond 35oC. The optimum range for germination occurs between mean soils temperatures of 15.5oC and 29oC. In the plains, most difficult period of tomato production is from mid May to June when the day and night temperatures are very high and during monsoon season (July-August) when there is a rapid development of pests, diseases and weeds.

Tomato thrives best almost on all types of soils. A well fertile sandy loam soil is best suited to produce early crop. The loams and clay loams have greater water-holding capacity and are better suited to longer season of production. Soils rich in organic matter and mineral nutrients are suitable for higher yields. Soils ranging from pH 5.5 to 7.0 are best suited for tomato production.

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