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Termites attack causes severe damage to sugarcane crop: Agriculture Experts

Being a long duration crop, weeds, insect pests and diseases attack the crop from sowing to harvest and reduce the yields substantially and erode the profitability of the farmers.Termites attack causes severe damage to sugarcane crop. Termites attack the planted sugarcane setts, usually from cut ends or eye buds but in severe cases internodes as well. After germination, roots are ...

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Coconut palm thrives in almost all types of well drained soils such as coastal sand, red loam, laterals alluvial and reclaimed soils of marshy low lands.

Coconut palm thrives in almost all types of well drained soils such as coastal sand, red loam, laterals alluvial and reclaimed soils of marshy low lands. Though it is mainly grown in the coastal plains it is possible to grown even at elevation of 600 to 900 m above M.S.L. in areas near the equator where the temperature remains favorable. ...

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Manual Cotton Picking in Pakistan

Cotton bolls in the same fields open at different times. There is a gap of at least 2 months before first and last boll opens. Thus picking should also be done in accordance, at least 2-3 pickings are required to completely harvest the crop. Picking of cotton usually start in September and continues till December or even January. Picking can ...

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Protect Rice crop from insect and diseases

Farmers lose an estimated average of 37% of their rice crop to pests and diseases every year. In addition to good crop management, timely and accurate diagnosis can significantly reduce losses. If you are facing a problem in your crop and need help with diagnosis, seek advice from entomologists and Plant pathologists.Cultural practices are integral part of IPM. Summer ploughing, ...

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Irrigation schedule of Jasmine Flower

Although jasmine (Jasminum spp.) makes a fragrant addition to your houseplant collection, it also grows well outdoors .These plants can’t stand soggy soil, so water only when the plant needs it; the timing varies based on the season and temperature.Jasmine tends to be susceptible to root rot fungal infection, which often appears when the roots stay too wet. In general, ...

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Agriculture sector: ‘Fake pesticides crackdown to continue’

The crackdown against fake pesticides and fertilisers will continue through out Punjab. “Agriculture is the backbone of the economy. That is why the Punjab government has approved a Rs100 billion package to ensure the prosperity of farmers,” .The promotion of agriculture and prosperity of farmers is among the top priorities of the government. The Agriculture Department has startrd playing its ...

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Soil Requirements and Preparations of Maize

The maize crop grows well in well irrigated loams and gives low yields in areas with high rainfall. The soil can be prepared by ploughing 4 times followed by planking each time.Good crop stand is possible when sown in July or else the yield will be reduced. Usually seed is broadcasted. But to get better crop yield the seed can ...

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Protect Mango orchards from fruit fly attack: Agriculture Experts

The mango fruit fly is believed to be the single largest crop damager in Pakistan. The flies attack semi ripe and mature fruits during the months of April and May. Other fruits like guava, citrus, plum, peach, sapota, loquot, etc are also susceptible to this pest attack.Damage is caused both by adults and maggots. Adult female punctures the rind of ...

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Irrigation in millet crop

Millet crop is mainly grown under rainfed situation..Pearl millet crop is exposed to drought conditions very often during its growth and consequently the yields are lower than the potential yield. So, if the farmers want higher pearl millet yields even during the rainy season, the answer is irrigation, if water is available.The number and frequency of irrigations vary with the ...

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