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Bakhabar Kissan: Modern Soil Testing Through IOT

Bakhabar Kissan has launched a system for soil testing through IOT. Bakhabar Kissan has successfully tested the soil through IOT and became the first one to do it in Pakistan. This equipment helps to measure the moisture and temperature of the soil in real time. At this occasion CEO of Bakhaber Kissan, Khizer Alam Khan while explaining the process said ...

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Moderate cold weather is suitable for fenugreek cultivation.

<p>Fenugreek (Meethi) is a small seeded vegetable whose seeds and leaves are both used as spices. It is grown in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Argentina, Egypt, France, Spain, Morocco and China. India is the largest producer of fenugreek. In Pakistan it is mostly cultivated in Punjab districts of Kasur, Gujranwala, Sheikkhupura and Faisalabad. A moderate cold weather is suitable for ...

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Jazz digital conference launches breakthrough policy report.

ISLAMABAD (PRESS RELEASE) Following the full-day digital policy conference called Accelerate to a Digital State, Jazz, Pakistan’s largest digital telecommunication company, released a sector report on a digital policy framework for the Government of Pakistan. This sector report laid out in-depth transformational recommendations on agriculture, health and education. Over the past decade, new technologies have revolutionized public sectors all over ...

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Proper, balanced and timely use of fertilizers is necessary for obtaining good crop of berseem.

A well planned fertilizer program is necessary for berseem forage production. It is important to conduct a proper soil test. As soil test results will provide an inventory of the soil fertility upon which a nutrient strategy can be based. Although for proper growth and development high levels of nitrogen are required for every crops, but berseem requires phosphorus and ...

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Turnip thinning must be done when it develops 3-4 leaves.

Turnip cultivation is done on fertile soil. When the third or fourth leaves of the turnip plant emerges then thinning should be done. Regular thinning provides ample space for the growing plants, but the timing depends on the intended use of the plants. Turnips grown strictly for their greens are happy when crowded, but turnips grown for their roots require ...

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Egyptian scientist developed a wonderful machine for rice cultivation.

Rice requires a lot of water for growth and development. Now the Egyptian scientists have developed a machine that ploughs fields in a manner that saves about half the amount of water usually used for irrigation, and a quarter of fertilizers used in cultivation. A specially imported unit, which sows rice seedlings mechanically, is mounted on the machine. The machine’s ...

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On commercial scale, rows are prepared for the cultivation of strawberries.

Strawberry is cultivated in different ways. It can be also planted in pots. But on a commercial scale, raised rows are made for its cultivation. This allows for easier weed control, easier harvest, less fruit rot, and fewer foliage diseases than other methods. The raised bed provides higher spring soil temperatures and better drainage, allowing faster establishment and earlier cropping. ...

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