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Spices exports increase

During May 2019, the national exports of spices increased by 28.63 percent. According to the institute of statistics, spices exports increased to 1.01 billion during May 2019 and during the month of May in 2018, spices of 786 million were exported. Thus, during the month of May 2019, the exports recorded 224 million rupees instead of May 2018.

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To protect the poultry from diseases effective measures must be taken, Livestock Experts.

Prevention and control of poultry diseases is one of the most important factor for the profitability of poultry farming business. Livestock experts have directed farmers to take effective measures in order to protect the poultry from different diseases. They said that effective strategies must be ensured to prevent the poultry from harmful diseases. The cleanliness of the shed should be ...

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Call For Adopting Chinese Roof-top Farming Technology

Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCJCCI) suggested to follow Chinese roof-top farming technology named ‘Aquaponics’ to overcome food shortage, water crisis, excessive use of pesticides and expensive fertilizers. By combining the fish, water and plants, Aquaponics system used an integrated environment to produce vegetables and fish in a very small space, with very little water. He added that Aquaponics was being explored by China for several decades as a possible solution to the foregoing environmental energy, ...

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For obtaining better yield proper care should be given to brinjal crop, Agricultural Experts

Agriculture Experts have advised farmers to take care of brinjal crop, so that higher production can be achieved. Crop should be protected from harmful insect pests and disease at appropriate time. In order to minimize crop losses proper measures should be taken at proper time. There are various insect pests which are causing damage to crop at different stages and ...

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Balochistan food department started crackdown against vegetable grown on sewage water

The Balochistan Food Department has started a crackdown against vegetable cultivation by sewage water. Director General, Balochistan food authority major Bashir Ahmed, headed the proceedings in the area of ​​Nohsaar, and destroyed vegetables grown on a large scale and stopped the entrance of sewage water into the fields. Cultivation of vegetables through sewage water has increased the risk of effecting ...

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Decision to increase cotton prices to benefit farmers

The government has decided to increase the prices of cotton to benefit the farmers and to meet the needs of their production cost. Production of cotton farmers has increased due to the prices due to the decrease in currency value, prices of quality seeds and pesticides. Cotton prices will be increased to meet this so that the productivity costs of ...

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New cotton price are considering to fix according to the global market

The government started considering the price of new cotton crop according to the current price in the global market, in this regard, the Prime Minister will attend afternoon meeting in the presidency of Federal Minister for Food Security and Research. On the other hand, farming organizations have expressed reservations on prices according to prices in the global market. The Pakistan ...

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