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Farmers are instructed to protect Guava trees from fruit fly

Guava produces sweet-smelling fruits with an edible rind and creamy white, yellow or pink flesh. Guavas thrive in tropical areas, but their adaptability allows them to survive a few degrees of frost in Mediterranean climates. When ripe, guavas emit a pungent, musky odor that attracts fruit flies. Fruit flies lay their eggs beneath the fruit’s skin, and the maggots feed ...

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Dairy farmers demand to increase milk prices

​​​​​​​ Dairy Farmers have demanded increase in milk prices according to the production cost. Shakir Omar Gujjar, Chairman of the Dairy and Cattle Farmers Association said in last press conference in Karachi Press Club that prices of milk should be given under the open market system, based on demand and if not than government should provide a subsidy to provide ...

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Farmers should cultivate thick grain varieties of rice after 20th May

Farmers must cultivate thick grain varieties of rice from 20th May . Diseases that spread through seeds can be controlled by applying anti fungal chemicals to seeds before sowing. For cultivating nursery, healthy and approved varieties of seeds should be taken. According to Agriculture experts, for cultivating 1 acre land, seed rate should be 6-7 kg in wet sowing method, ...

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Weed management is necessary to get better yield of strawberry

Agriculture department spokesperson said that the strawberry crop is currently going through the main stage of growth, so farmers can get better productivity through proper care. The production of strawberries in Pakistan is 300-400 kg per acre. It is necessary for the production of strawberries that the weeds should be constantly removed in the field. Hoeing should be done at ...

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Earlier and higher production can be achieved from summer vegetables through tunnel farming

Tunnel farming is a profitable business and this technique is more productive than traditional methods. Agriculture Experts said that tunnel farming is best for off season vegetable production and higher production can be achieved via this method. The summer vegetables such as cucumber, capsicum, chillies, tomato, pumpkin, squash, brinjal, melon, watermelon and bottle gourd can be successfully grown in high ...

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Recommendations for spinach cultivation

Agriculture experts said that Desi spinach is the approved variety for cultivation whose leaves are thick, broad, soft and juicy. Its average production is about 35 tonn per hestare and this variety is also resistant to diseases. In irrigated areas spinach sown in july, august gives approximately 7 cuttings. For sowing with drill its seed rate should be 15 to ...

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Pomegranate plants should be protected from harmful insects

Agriculture experts have advised pomegranate cultivators to protect their plants from insects. In summer, different kind of insects attack the plant which includes scales, white fly and fruit fly etc. scales and white fly weekens the leaves by secreting special kind of secretion from their body which is responsible for smut due to which the process of photosynthesis is affected.  ...

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