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Offer dry roughages for prevention of tympany or bloat in animals

Livestock owners should Offer dry roughages with Lucerne and berseem fodder for prevention of Tympany or bloat in animals. Livestock expert said grazing should be started after drying of dew drops. When animals are sent for grazing than they should be offered wheat straw, hay or sodan grass. Safe fodder should be cultivated in the grazing area. Spray of oil ...

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Farmers are instructed to start harvesting of Chillies

Green chillies are picked early in the morning or in the evening. These are protected from the sun to avoid quality deterioration. Ripe fruits are harvested at frequent intervals. Retaining fruits for a long period on the plant causes wrinkles and colour fading. Soon after the harvest, the produce is heaped or kept in clean gunnies for one day for ...

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Directions to timely irrigate sunflower for better production

Agriculture spokesman of the department said that timely irrigation should be made to achieve better production of sunflower. According to the spokesperson, the second water should be given after about 20 days from first water, while the third irrigation should be on flowering stage, fourth irrigation at the time of seed formation and the final water should be at pods ...

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Farmers are obtaining 60 mound per acre from Basmati varieties and 80 from ARI varieties.

Agriculture Experts said, progressive farmers of Pakistan are obtaining 60 maund per acre from Basmati varieties and 80 maund per acre from ARI varieties. Rice is one of the leading food crops of the world, an important staple food and cash crop of Pakistan. It contributes 15 percent to the foreign exchange earnings. Agriculture experts said that for better production ...

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Instruction for the late sowing of Tinda

The suitable weather for the cultivation of tinda is from mid June till July. Fertile soil having high water absorption and more organic matter is suitable for late sowing of tinda. At the time of sowing land should be ploughed 2 to 3 times. The row to row distance should be 50cm and the plant to plant distance should be ...

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Agriculture department will set up 309 Fair Price Shops in Ramadan

17 items will be available at wholesale rates, 7 items will be available at Rs 20 kg: Ehsan Bhatta. On the directive of Chief Minister Punjab, Department of Agriculture is establishing 309 Fare Price Shops throughout the province for the convenience of Punjab people during holy month of Ramadan. Special Secretary Agriculture (Marketing) Ehsan Bhatta said while presiding over a ...

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Seedbed preparation and manuring for Sorghum

This crop requires a good seed- bed, which can be prepared with one ploughing with a mouldboard plough followed by two ploughings with a cultivator along with planking. To increase fodder yield, 2 1/2 bags of DAP with 1 1/4 bag of urea per hectare should be added at planting, and another 1 1/4 bag of urea at the first ...

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Cage culture will be introduced for fish farming in rivers and water courses

The government has decided to introduce the cage (cage) culture for fisheries in rivers, lakes, and in running water for catering the increase in the demand for growing fish and to increase its production, for its project China will provide support. According to sources, the present government has decided to adopt modern ways for promoting the fisheries sector. Sources said ...

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Trend of increased cultivation of profitable agricultural commodities among farmers

Increase in the prices of agricultural commodities farmers were motivated to adopt the modern agricultural technologies i.e. Tunnel farming. Summer vegetables are in the market but beyond the reach of public. The main reason is the decline in cultivation due to increase in production cost. According to sources farmers are worried about increase in the prices of agricultural inputs and ...

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