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Govt will provide facilities at wheat procurement centres

Deputy Commissioner Syed Bilal Haider said that the government would provide all kind of facilities to all wheat purchase centers. He said this while visiting wheat procurement and storage center at Chiwinda, Pasrur and other areas. He directed the officials concerned, to ensure facilities like seating facility and others to farmers during purchasing process. He said that audit teams had been constituted to make the process of wheat procurement transparent.

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Proper, balanced and timely use of fertilizers is necessary for obtaining good crop of berseem

A well planned fertilizer program is necessary for berseem forage production. It is important to conduct a proper soil test. As soil test results will provide an inventory of the soil fertility upon which a nutrient strategy can be based. Although for proper growth and development high levels of nitrogen are required for every crops, but berseem requires phosphorus and ...

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Farmers are instructed to take precautions while harvesting pulses

Agriculture expert instructs farmers to take precautions while harvesting pulses and said that farmers harvest pulse at the right time with consultation with specialist agriculture so that the damage in production yield can be avoided.He said that before harvesting, we would like to get rid of the diseases of the disease and get healthy seeds from healthy plants so that ...

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Instructions to protect the pomegranate from harmful insects and diseases

Farmers are instructed to protect the pomegranate from harmful insects and diseases to increase per acre yield.The most obnoxious pest is pomegranate butterflyalso called as anar butterfly or pomegranate fruit borer which may destroy more than 50 per cent of fruits . Severe infestation of fruit borer has resulted in the reduction of pomegranate yield as well as cultivation of ...

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Rural geographical change affected agricultural system: Secretary Agriculture

Rural geographical change is affecting agricultural system in Pakistan. Agriculture Secretary saying during the consulting meeting at Steak Holders from Rawalpindi, Islamabad that Rural geographical change is affecting agricultural system in Pakistan. In order to acquire agricultural production, the department is taking steps to increase agricultural facilities to farmers on their way.

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AgroBot Harvester make harvesting easy

Robotic strawberry harvester is the innovation of this generation. Strawberry harvesters pick fresh produce, all around the clock.  These machines have been designed to perform autonomously within the rows in any farm. It has up to 24 robotic arms working wirelessly as a team. The flexible platform fits into any farming configuration. This harvester does not contact fruit. The robotic arms ...

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Rice cultivation started on a large scale

According to the governmental organizations, large amount of rice is cultivated in Badin on the area of approximately one lac acres. The varieties that are cultivated there are Ganja and IRRI 6 including other hybrid varieties. Farmers say that for the stability of rice cultivators and people related to agriculture, it is necessary to buy and sell the agriculture products ...

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Farmers are advised to purchase certified seed of approved varieties of cotton

The Punjab Agriculture Department has claimed to ensure availability of required quantity of certified cotton seed in the market for commercial cultivation during the coming season and has advised the growers to insist purchasing certified seed of approved varieties only. A departmental spokesman said that there was no deficiency of quality seed at all.However, the department has received many queries ...

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