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Rice borrers and aphids must be controlled, Agriculture Department

For the improved production and good yield, Rice cultivators need to control stem borer, rice leaf folder, toka and aphid from the field. For this purpose weeds must be eradicated first. Spokesperson Agriculture department said that Stem borer mostly attack on Basmati varieties, rice leaf folder attack on both ARRI & Basmati, aphid attack on ARRI , Toka or Grass ...

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Examining and spraying in mango orchard till the end of April

Agricultural experts said that by the end of April, most of the insects and diseases in the mango orchards are below economic threshold level, but gardeners should examine and spray, and also remove herbs by herbicide so that mango fruit should protect from the damage.According to experts, sprinkle small nutrients on the leaves, besides fertilizing nitrogen fertilizer one kilograms per ...

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Start harvesting peas, when pods are filled

Agriculture department has directed farmers to harvest early sown peas when the pods are filled and avoid delaying so that the pea crop can be saved from loss. Agricultural spokesman said that early sown varieties yields 2 while late sown varieties yield 3 pickings. To maintain the freshness and color of peas, farmers should pack them in clean sacks of ...

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Wheat bags distribution deadline extended

The district administration has extended wheat bags distribution till April 29 due to rains. The application process for getting wheat bags would continue till April 29, an official of the district administration told APP. He said that total 134,000 metric ton wheat would be purchased during the current year as per target while process was affecting due to weather for which date had been extended. He said transparency was also being ensured in ...

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Farmers to be motivated to use drip irrigation: DG Agriculture

In the future, the reduction in water and food for Pakistan’s rapid growing population can become a serious problem. To overcome this problem, the acquisition of growth per acre by less water usage will be inevitable. Therefore, farmers should be attracted to drip irrigation. Director General Agriculture (Reform Irrigation), Punjab Malik Muhammad Akram, expressing these views by addressing innovative farmers ...

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Farmers are instructed to protect vegetables from downy mildew.

The cultivation of cucumber, bitter gourd, bottle gourd, melon and water melon in tunnel has been done. Due to the chance of spread of diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew, damping off, rotting and viral diseases, Experts have directed farmers to take appropriate measures timely so that the yield losses can be minimized.  Assistant Plant Pathologist, Mian Mohammad Nasir ...

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Weekly increase in prices and buying of cotton

Due to increase in buying of cotton by textile and spinning mills in the local cotton market last year, the overall price of cotton was sustainable. Generals have about 6 lac stocks of grain, while many mills are also needed cotton due to which business volume also remained relatively suitable. The price of cotton is Rs. 7300 to 9000 per ...

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