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Gilgit-Baltistan to make 50,000 acres of land cultivable

Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) government formally launched a $120 million agriculture development project which would help irrigate around 50,000 acres of barren land in the mountainous region.The seven-year project, called the Economic Transformation Initiative, has been co-funded by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD).“This is the biggest agri-development project of G-B and we are hopeful things will improve dramatically by the ...

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Land preparation for the Cultivation of Spinach

A well-prepared seedbed that is free of large clods permits precision planting with rapid and uniform emergence of spinach seedlings. Uniform depth of seeding is critical when using pre-plant-incorporated herbicides because if spinach seeds are planted too deeply, seedlings may be killed by herbicide. Well-prepared seedbeds also permit proper and accurate incorporation of pre-plant-incorporated herbicides, leading to improved weed control ...

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Coriander crop require Proper irrigation to increase yield

Agriculture Experts said coriander crop require proper irrigation to increase yield. Excess water damage coriander crop. Experts recommended that after cultivation of coriander dont give water till 15-20 days and when plant reach 4 to 5 inch than start hoeing.It is a cool season crop. Cool weather is favourable for its cultivation. It is susceptible to mild frost.Following are the ...

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Plum Cultivation

Introduction Plum is temperate in nature and thus a major crop of hills. It is preferred for planting as a filler fruit plant in mango, litchi and pear orchards due to low chilling requirement and less juvenile period. Trees are highly productive due to profuse flowering, high fruit set and early ripening habit of cultivars recommended for plains. On an ...

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Rhodes grass Production Technology

Introduction Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) is a summer-growing, stoloniferous perennial, whose runners provide good soil cover for erosion control. Rhodes grass is adapted to a wide range of soils, from infertile sands to fertile brigalow clays. It is difficult to establish and have it persist on heavy-cracking clay soils. Rhodes grass does not tolerate drought or flooding well and is ...

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Loquat Production Technology

Planting It can be planted in February-March and August- September. The planting distance varies from 6 meters to 7 meters, apart depending upon the soil fertility level. Thus one hectare shall accommodate 256 to 196 plants. One metre deep and one metre diameter pits should be prepared at least one month prior to actual plantation. Lindane 30g or two litres ...

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Introduction Lettuce belongs to family of Asteraceae. It is also called as Salad crops as it is consumed in uncooked form. Because of its diet and medicinal values, its demand is increasing rapidly. It is mostly grown for leaves purpose but sometime it is cultivated for seed and stem purpose. It is good source of Vitamin K and chlorophyll. Among ...

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