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Agriculture department has announced certified seeds for sugarcane September cultivation

Sugarcane is an important industrial and cash crop in Pakistan and in many countries of the world. Agriculture department has announced certified seeds for sugarcane September cultivation .Certified seeds CPF 242, CP 77-400, CPF 237,HSF 260 are recommended.There are two planting seasons: Rabi or fall sowing in September – November and spring sowing in February – March. Fall planting starts ...

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Start cultivation of Cauliflower :Agriculture Experts

For early crop the vegetable is sown between May and August and transplanted between early July and September. For late crop, it is sown between September and October and is transplanted between October and November. To cultivate healthy and free of disease nursery, following precaution should be taken: Land full of chemical fertilizer should be chosen; water drainage should be ...

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Protect rice yields and quality by preventing disease

There are certain steps all rice growers must take to establish a crop: get a healthy, uniform stand with a good variety, fertilize properly, water effectively and control weeds, especially grasses.However, once the crop is in permanent flood, then the focus turns to protecting its yield potential, and that means guarding against disease. It’s very important to protect your crop ...

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Soybean Production Technology

GENERAL INFORMATION Soybean called as golden beans is belongs to legume family. It is native of East Asia. It is a rich source of Protein also excellent source of fibre. Oil extracted from soybean contain small amount of saturated fat. In Punjab, it plays an important role in crop diversification. CLIMATE Temperature : 18-38°C Rainfall :30-60cm Sowing Temperature :25-38°C Harvesting ...

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Weed Management in Chick pea

Crop yield losses due to weeds in Chickpea have been estimated to range from 30 to 50 per cent.Hand weeding at 25 and 50 days after planting has been very effective in controlling weeds.Pre emergence application of 1.5 kg a.i/ha of nitrogen or 0.5 kg a.i/ha of prometryne were effective.Pre-plant incorporation of 1 kg a.i/ha of Basaline showed good weed ...

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MottGrass Production Technology

INTRODUCTION Continuous supply of adequate and nutritious green forage is essential for the promotion and development of livestock which plays a significant role in the economy of Pakistan. The Livestock sector accounts for 38 percent of the agricultural value added and about 10 percent of the total GDP. Green forage not only meets the fodder requirement but also minimises the ...

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Rose cultivation requires well drained sandy loam soils and requires pH of 6 to 7.5.

Soils rich in organic matter and well drained sandy loam soils are suitable for Rose cultivation. For good growth it requires pH of 6 to 7.5. It is sensitive to waterlogging so provide proper drainage and remove excess water.To bring soil to fine tilth, carry out ploughing and hoeing operations. Prepare bed for cultivation, 4-6 weeks before planting. While preparing ...

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Fig Cultivation

Introduction Fig is among oldest fruits to be cultivated on earth. Fig has different name in different languages. In Urdu it is called “Anjeer”.Fig is a very important fruit of the world. It is said to be fruit of heaven. This is a very old plant on earth.The scientific name of fig is Ficus carica. Ficus is a genus and ...

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