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Sorghum Cultivation must be done during March-July

Punjab and Sindh are the major sorghum producing Provinces of Pakistan contributing respectively 47% and 26% of the total acreage. About 60% of the total area under this crop is irrigated, while the rest is rain-feed. It can be grown in a variety of soils heavy and light alluviums, red, gray, yellow loams and also sandy soils.March to July is ...

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Insect pests play an important role in reducing the sugarcane yield. The most serious insect pests are sugarcane top borer, stem borer, Gurdaspur borer, army worm, white ant (feeding inside the cane and causes less germination). Pyrilla (Pyrilla is the most destructive foliage- sucking pest); whitefly, mealy bug and black bugs are also causing damage. These all can cause of ...

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Irrigation schedule for Cotton

Fields should be irrigated according to the soil fertility, method of sowing, stage of crop and water requirements of the crop. The signs of water deficiency are first visible on the upper bank of the field, which include bluish appearance of leaves, the internode distance decreases in the upper branches of the main stem, white flowers at the top, reddening ...

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Layer Farming

Layer poultry farming means raising egg laying poultry birds for the purpose of commercial egg production.They start laying eggs commercially from 18-19 weeks of age. They remain laying eggs continuously till their 72-78 weeks of age. They can produce about 300 eggs in a year. There are various types of highly egg productive layer breeds available throughout the world which ...

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Skimming Well Technology for Sustainable Groundwater Management

Skimming Well is a technique employed with an intention to extract relatively freshwater from the upper zone of the fresh-saline aquifier. The skimming wells are low discharge (less than 28 1.p.s. ) cluster of wells drawing groundwater from relatively shallow depth.During drilling, take water samples at 3 intervals and measure electric conductivity (EC) of water.At a depth, When EC of ...

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Impacts of climate change on global agriculture

Impacts of climate change on global agriculture and ultimately the food security are serious threats for feeding the growing population. The only viable option to mitigate these impacts is development of climate resilient crop varieties that can thrive in more extreme, changeable and uncertain environmental conditions. In the changing scenario, PGRFA have become crucial for minimizing risks of crop production. ...

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Date palm valley project launched

The Punjab Agriculture Department launched a project of Date Palm Valley for South Punjab at a cost of Rs780 million. The Punjab Agriculture Department’s official told APP that the objective of the project was to transform nine districts of south Punjab into Date Palm Valley.The country was earning a handsome foreign exchange annually by exporting dates, he said. He added ...

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Export of Fruit and Vegetable has increased

There is a huge increase in demand of Pakistani mango, citrus fruit , guava, peach and apple in all over the world. Other than fruits, demand of vegetables such as Okra , bitter gourd, zucchini, Gourd, and muskmelon etc has been also increased. Japan, Korea, Iran, France, British, America, Middle East, Gulf and Western countries have started importing Pakistani fruits ...

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CCP asks govt to abolish sugarcane support price

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) asked the government for abolishing the support price of sugarcane and let the market determine the price based on supply and demand.The CCP has recommended measures to the federal and provincial governments for making the sugar industry more efficient, improve sugarcane quality, enhance and diversify production processes, and focus on export competitiveness.Taking notice of ...

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