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Vegetable Garden Irrigation: How Much and How Often?

garden irrigation tips and plans; how often and how much do you need to water your vegetable garden?Healthy gardens need adequate water, time for the foliage to dry out, and good drainage in order to flourish.All of these methods will work for your vegetable garden depending on how large it is.However, hand-watering can be rather time-consuming when tending a large garden! Container gardens are easy to water by hand with a hose or watering can if you will be home every day.Container gardens are especially vulnerable to drying out quickly during very hot or warm windy weather.A drip system on a timer works well if you will not be home each day to do the watering yourself.It is not difficult to install a drip system if you are at all handy with basic do-it-yourself projects.A single small to medium-size raised bed vegetable garden can be watered by hand fairly easily with a hose with a watering attachment.It can also be watered with a lawn or garden sprinkler, or drip system. Whether you amend your garden soil by double digging or with a tiller, be sure to rake the plot thoroughly after you are finished.Remove any rocks and break up any remaining clumps of dirt.Permanent watering systems make caring for a vegetable garden easier by ensuring that plants receive adequate moisture according to a programmed schedule.Installing an in-ground vegetable garden irrigation system requires only basic tools and is surprisingly easy to do.

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