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To achieve best yield of Groundnut , appropriate amount of fertilizers must be given to crop.

The soils in barani areas are generally deficient in several nutrients. This deficiency can be corrected by the addition of proper dose of organic fertilizers. Organic manure is important primarily as humus that are decomposed by soil organisms to provide them nutrient and energy. Farm yard manure is mainly used as organic manure. It should be applied about one month before sowing and incorporated properly in the soil.Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three major nutrients required for this crop. An ideal rate is 20 kg N, 80 kg P2O5 and 60 kg K/ hectare. If soil is more sandy or intensively cropped, 100-kg K/ha is recommended. These rates may be obtained by using a mixture of Single Super Phosphate (SSP) and Urea or Ammonium Sulphate or with Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP). Micro nutrient deficiencies iron, zinc and boron are the most oftenly observed deficiencies. Appropriate use of these nutrients in the form of spray or soil application could alleviate the symptoms.Gypsum plays an important role for higher production per unit area. Application of gypsum @ 400-500 Kg/ha just at beginning time of monsoon season (crop planted in March-April), when flowers produce viable pegs and at flowering time of the late planted crop gives good results. In more sandy soils higher rates of gypsum are required due to increased leaching.

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