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Sunflower seed contains 40% high quality crude oil, Experts.

Sunflower is one of the most important annual crops in the world grown for its edible oil. Its seeds contains 40 percent high quality crude oil. Nutritional benefits is highly attributed due to the vitamin A, B and K content. Sunflower is a short season crop and it is usually ready to harvest after 100-125 days. It is cultivated two times a year, in spring and autumn. The productivity per acre can be increased by following the best practices for the cultivation. Agriculture extension workers will provide the latest technologies related information to the farmers, so that the production can be increased. These opinions were shared by Chaudhry Abdul Ghafoor Director Coordination Lahore while addressing Sunflower production technology 2019-20 conference in Ayub Agricultural Research Institute.

In the conference Muhammad Aftab Director Oil Seed, Rai Mudassar Abbas Deputy Director Research Information, Dr. Asif Shahzad, Assistant Professor Mian Nawaz Sharif Agricultural University Multan, Dr. Shakeel Anjum, Assistant Professor Agricultural University Faisalabad, Alam Sarwar Assistant Soil Fertility Officer, Abdul Rahman and Surwat Zia, Department of Pest Warning Faisalabad, Dr. Sajida Habib Botanist, Department of Oil Seed crops and other experts participated. In the conference, the previous year’s production plan was discussed. Muhammad Aftab Director Oil Seed said that during current year the production has been increased by 20 percent as compared to previous years.

This year to increase the production the area under cultivation will be increased. In this regard, recommendations were made regarding the cultivation practices of sunflower. All the factors of sunflower technology, including hybrid varieties, preparation of land, use of fertilizers, irrigation, weeds control, identification of insects and disease management were discussed. Apart from this, Government of Punjab will also give subsidies to the farmers of sunflower growers. In conference after the necessary discussion between experts, amendments were made in sunflower production plan 2019-20.

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