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Second irrigation for canola crop must be done during flowering stage.

Irrigation schedule varies with environmental conditions, temperature, rainfall, soil type, and variety. Generally canola requires 3-4 irrigations depending upon rainfall. Moisture stress during flowering, pod formation and seed development stages affects the yield. Therefore, timely irrigation must be ensured. 1st irrigation is usually given 30-45 days after germination, while second irrigation must be done during flowering stage. Third irrigation is applied during pod formation stage.

The quantity and quality of water are very important for Canola crop. No irrigation should be done when there is speedy wind. Irrigation should be scheduled according to the weather forecast. This crop can tolerate storage of water to some extent. Canola performs well under rain fed conditions. Therefore, the crop raised by giving less water gives higher production than the crop raised by application of huge water. Due to the ability of tolerating water storage, it can be successfully grown in Rain fed areas.

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