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Rainwater Harvesting in Check Dams

Check dam is usually a temporary dam that is used to slow down the flow of rain water. It can also be used for storing the rain water and decreases the chances of small floods. These are mostly made in the way of streams and channels. Check dams are made of stones, mud, wood or cement. Their width should be more than their height and their foundation should be made strong and stones should be placed in the base where water falls. The height of the check dam can be upto one to two meters, but should not exceed two meters.

If you live in mountainous areas or in areas where the land is in the form of cliffs, you can make check dams to store rainwater and then use this water for growing crops and trees. The second benefit of the check dam is that the flow of flood water can be reduced, thus reducing the risk of disasters and its third advantage is that the humidity increases around the dam where plants and trees grow. And such land becomes suitable for producing crops or trees, and the groundwater level also increases.

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