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Prevention and Control of (Tick Borne Diseases) TBDs

Keeping in view the economic losses and public health importance Livestock and Dairy Development Punjab has launched many Anti tick/Congo virus campaigns under the direct supervision of worthy secretary Livestock Punjab.

During these campaigns millions of  of  cattles, buffaloes, camels ,sheep and goats  have been treated by the use of acaricide which  is the most commonly used method of tick control in  dairy farming . Control of ticks with acaricides may be directed against the free living stages of ticks in the environment or against the parasitic stages on host. Acaricides can be applied by dipping, washes, spraying, pour-on, spot-on or by injections.

Livestock department is also working for biological control of ticks Livestock department Punjab is promoting rural poultry by supplying poultry units at subsidized rates in rural areas, free distribution of ducks and a ban on catching of Lali bird which is a tick predator, are the major steps taken for biological control of ticks. Due to above mentioned steps of Livestock Department Punjab under visionary leadership of Mr.Naseem Sadiq the losses due to tick infestation could be controlled.

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