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Mass Vaccination Campaign

After the approval of Government of Punjab Livestock Department has started a paradigm shift in Livestock sector governance from curative regime, presently in vogue, to preventive regime. Keeping in view the economic losses of diseases which are more pronounced in the livestock sector health governance ,worthy  secretary Livestock Punjab   decided to launch Mass Vaccination  Campaign against diseases like HS, FMD, BQ, in large animals and against ETV, CCPV, PPR In small animals and  against ND in rural poultry and fancy birds.  A mass vaccination campaign is the vaccination of susceptible animals over a wide geographical area in the face of an outbreak of an infectious disease.  The main objective of Mass vaccination campaign is to reduce the risk of disease spreading in areas in large populations of Livestock and Poultry. Livestock Department has carried out six Successful Mass Vaccination Campaigns .In these campaigns millions of buffaloes, cattle, sheep, goats, rural poultry and fancy birds have been vaccinated.

A successful vaccination campaign requires sero-monitoring as an integral component to provide quality assurance of vaccination efficacy and so that the results are used to generate remedial action; to fulfill this requirement disease surveillance and diagnostics capacity of staff has been uplifted to conduct permanent surveillance and forecasting of diseases. As a result of these mass vaccination campaigns the incidence of infectious diseases has decreased considerably.

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