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Intensive increase in prices of important commodities including pulses.

During last 8 months prices of pulses, rice, meat, children’s milk, yogurt, sugar and other important commodities were increased by 50 percent. According to a comparative review of commodities prices since August 2018, the price of Gram was increased from 96 rupees to 110 rupees, Dal Mash 115 to 160 rupees, Dal Mung 100 to Rs 150, Black gram from 100 rupees to 105 rupees per kg. There was a decrease in the prices of some pulses, including Dal Masor which decrease from 115 to 105 rupees and White gram from 120 to 100 rupees. The price of mutton increased from Rs 850 to Rs 950, the price of beef increased from Rs 350 to Rs 450 per kg, sugar from Rs 55 to Rs 65, ghee from 130 to 158 and 185 to 212 rupees per kg.

Price of yogurt per kilo increased from 80 to 90 rupees per kg, milk price ranges from 70 to 80 rupees per liter, price of new rice has increased from 115 to 121 while old rice has increased from 125 to Rs 137.

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