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In rain fed areas Lentil can be cultivated till the end of October.

Agriculture Department Experts, said that Masoor in the rain fed areas can be cultivated till the end of October. High yielding varieties such as Masoor 93, Nab Masoor 2002, Nab Masoor 2006, Punjab Masoor 2009, Masoor 93, Markaz 2009 and Chakwal Masoor should be cultivated. 10 to 12 kg seed per acre must be used. Heavy to light loamy soil are suitable for lentil cultivation. The planting must be done in line using seed drill method. Line sowing helps to obtain better yield. The distance between two lines should be 10 inches. The crop should be cultivated at appropriate time in order to obtain higher production. The recommended planting dates are middle of October to middle of November for Punjab and Sindh provinces, whereas for NWFP and Baluchistan the recommended planting period is the month of October. If lentil is planted early then the excessive vegetative growth can reduce the yield, whereas late plantings are more liable to insect pests and diseases.

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