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In Punjab annual production of lychee reached 2982 tones.

Annual production of lychee in Punjab has reached 2982 tones, while the area of lychee is increasing due to which it has exceeded to 487 hectares. It is a delicious fruit whose plant is thick, and bends towards the ground and deep green in color. The lychee tree usually attains the height of 5 to 7 meters, but in some suitable areas it is recorded up to 13 meters.

Lychee tree full of fruit offer a very beautiful view, which has a large thick patch of pink and red fruit and it produces yellow white flowers in spring which gives a viable view.

Lychee can be grown on different types of land successfully; however, fertile land having capacity to retain moisture is best for its plant growth. In winter season rainfall is very useful for the lychee. In other conditions temperature should remain at 4-5 degrees, because high temperatures can retard its growth.

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