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Government nineteen point strategy to boost cotton production.

The government has set up 19-point strategy for the promotion of agriculture, which is expected to provide 80 percent of the agricultural production in the near future. The cotton seminar, being held at Multan, announced 19-point, it is said that 0.2 percent of the fund is being used for the research of agricultural sector, which will be increased by one percent. The spokesman of the cotton research institute said that the cost of agricultural intervention will be reduced so that farmers can get more benefits. Agricultural depot will be kept less than import so that the local industry benefits more.
Policies will not be introduced, that are harmful for the business related to cotton growers. In 2019, one crore 50 lac tones cotton will be produced to fulfill the acquisition of cotton. Federal and Provincial Department of Agriculture will keep contact with the farmers from sowing till harvesting with continuous harmony. The government will continue economic and institutional support to eliminate the pink boll-worm.

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