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Farming on Floating Gardens

The floating garden is a type of kitchen garden and is beneficial to those who live near a river, lake or sea and do not have the land for farming. Floating gardens can also be made amateurly. They can be made of any size, but if they are small, it will be easier to look after them. Floating gardens of 10 to 15 feet long and 4 to 5 feet wide can easily be made. Every type of vegetable and flower can be cultivated in the Floating Garden. Apart from vegetables like okra, squash, bitter guard, tomato, chillies, pumpkin, cucumber, cabbage, brinjal, turnip, carrot, garlic, onion and ginger pulses and other agriculture commodities like wheat, rice or rye can also be cultivated. In seas and ocean environment sea-weeds can be cultivated.

Floating gardens can be made with or without soil. Its growth depends on the hydrophilic nature of plants and the available nutrients present in water in which you want to make a floating garden. Water loving plants like mint, basil, coriander, cabbage and other such vegetables can be grown in styrofoam as in aquaponics. Plants that require less water can be grown on soil rafts.


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