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Branch of ripe cotton on the cotton field, Uzbekistan

Farmers are advised to purchase certified seed of approved varieties of cotton

The Punjab Agriculture Department has claimed to ensure availability of required quantity of certified cotton seed in the market for commercial cultivation during the coming season and has advised the growers to insist purchasing certified seed of approved varieties only. A departmental spokesman said that there was no deficiency of quality seed at all.However, the department has received many queries and complaints from farmers that they are being offered so-called double and triple gene varieties from certain companies, farmers and individuals. Nevertheless, the spokesman asked the growers to distance themselves from such offering and only buy the certified seed of approved varieties.Never purchase any seed without official Tag/Label issued by Federal Seed Certification Registration Department (FSC & RD).

Ensure to get the original Invoice of your payment from the Seed vendor mentioning particulars like Invoice/Receipt No., Company name, Quality, Lot No., Price, Date of purchase and Name, address and contact of the vendor.Save a small quantity of seed from each lot for further reference that will be helpful if any issue arises in quality of seed, the spokesman added. Triple gene variety has been approved so far by the government while only two "Double gene varieties named CEMB-33 and CA-12 have been approved so far and will be available if claimed so should carry official label on the bag and should be certified.Most of the Double gene varieties being offered are fake, under script and illegal. Contact concerned authorities in case of complaint of storage or sale of such illegal seeds .Contact your Seed Inspector office located in the nearest FSC& RD lab for registration of any complaint.In case of any issue, manage to file an early complaint with all record so that it could be properly investigated and proceed for legal action, if required. Spokesman further disclosed that for benefit of farmers Government of Punjab has imposed section-144 on early sowing of cotton crop before April 1st. Early sowing cotton crop will act as a nursery for growth of many harmful insects pests especially Pink bollworm.

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