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Every fifth buffalo and cow in Pakistan is suffering from mastitis, Experts.

Experts from the clinical medicine and surgery department of the Faisalabad University, said that in Pakistan every fifth buffalo and cow is suffering from mastitis. They said that mastitis is caused by udder infection, usually resulting from bacteria entering through the teat canal and move to the udder and multiply in the mammary gland. It results in potential losses in milk production and milk quality.

Moreover, they said that there are mainly two types of mastitis, evident mastitis and unnoticeable mastitis. The symptoms of evident mastitis includes decrease milk production, high fever, udder cracking and salty taste of the milk, while in other type of mastitis no any symptoms or changes are observed in the udder and milk quality of the affected livestock.

They said that they have introduced a very simple and effective method through which farmers can easily test and asses the disease. For testing the infected milk, in half litre water 3 spoon washing detergent should be added and to check the milk quality affected by unnoticeable mastitis, the taken sample should be poured in that detergent solution. Then it must be left for some time.

The milk from unnoticeable mastitis will form a thick fluid. According to the second method of testing, if the sample solution containing milk and detergent is poured underground, the milk is not absorbed in the soil, but the milk of a healthy animal will be absorbed immediately. They said that the milk from mastitis infected udder must not be consumed and the infected livestock must be treated with the help of an authentic veterinary doctor or veterinary hospital. By using this test method farmers can easily diagnose the affected disease and farmers consider this method very friendly.

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