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Equines – (Horses, Donkey & Mules)

Equines are mostly used for draft purposes. In the past this area was totally neglected from any form of government initiative may it be a project or scheme. Keeping in view the importance of these draft animals especially in terms of labour, the incumbent administration take initiatives for the improvement of this sector. These initiatives help to rejuvenate the defunct Society for Protection of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA).

The main objective of the society is to prevent the equines from harsh treatment. At present, employees of SPCA are performing duties in different parts of the province. All the staff members were trained and equipped with vaccine and deworming techniques. Deworming and Vaccine campaigns were organized by the department for draught animals in urban areas of Punjab. All the services provided under the shadow of SPCA are captured by 9211 Virtual Governance System maintaining the complete electronic log of the services delivered.

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