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Efficient use of water in agriculture is the need of time.

The head of agriculture department, Punjab, said that Pakistan is among those countries where water crisis is one of the major problems and therefore it is necessary to save every drop of available water. Pakistan is ranked number 7th in water crisis and with time it can intensify in our country. In Pakistan 93% of available water is used for agricultural purposes while 7% of it is used daily.  Agriculture department is providing awareness to the farmers of Punjab, for the better use of agricultural water. For this, farmers are advised to use drip or sprinkler irrigation systems and irrigation streams are being strengthened to decrease the water losses. A lot of water in wasted and is not available at the right time to plants by the use of conventional irrigation system, instead, drip irrigation provides timely irrigation to all plants at the same time. The installation of this system not only saves 60 percent of the water but also reduces the cost of labor. The head of the Agriculture department also appealed public to pay special attention to the efficient use of water.

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