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Eradicate weeds from maize crop

A weed is any plant growing in a wrong place, usually considered undesirable.Uncontrolled weeds compete with the crop of interest for nutrients, moisture and space, and may completely suppress the crop if uncontrolled. They also harbour pests and diseases.Young maize seedlings can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.Weeds take full advantage of the wide rows and upright growth of maize, colonizing ...

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Pakistan became fourth largest date producing country

The annual production of dates in Pakistan has crossed 6 lakh 35 thousand tonnes, due to which Pakistan has emerged fourth in the list of dates producing countries. Agriculture department said that apart from fulfilling the domestic needs of dates in our own country, additional production can be exported, but for this, special measures should be taken by concerned institutions. ...

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Basmati’s rice nursery should be transfer to the field from July 15

Farmers of rice were instructed to transfer the nursery of Basimati 370, Basimati 385, Basmati Pak, Basmati 2000, Basimati 515 and Basimati 198 from July 1st and nursery for Shahin Basimati from July 15 and said that the farmer should ensure timely transfer nursery to the field. Department of Agriculture said that the approved varieties production can be achieved by ...

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Weed Control in Maize Crop for increasing yield

Weed identification is the key to an effective maize weed management program. Incorrect identification of problem weeds can mean the difference between profit and loss. Although a weed’s life cycle, including its method(s) of reproduction, is the most important identifying characteristic, it is sometimes necessary to know the exact species before selecting weed management measures. Mazie growers should make a ...

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New Chinese investment opportunity from Punjab Agri Expo

Pak China Joint Chamber of Commerce created new investment opportunities by conducting business-to-business (B2B) meetings between agriculture machinery producing Chinese companies and local companies during Punjab Agri Expo. Representatives from China’s leading company Shifeng and Dailuda attended the business-to-business (B2B) meetings. Speaking to the participants at the occasion, Chamber Secretary General Salehuddin Hanif and Chief Executive Officer of Chinese Company ...

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In order to meet the increase demand of meat and wool, local breeds of sheep must be reared.

Livestock sector provides employment to a large number of rural households and about 35 million people are engaged in livestock related activities, earning about 40% of their income. Agriculture Experts of livestock and diary development have directed farmers to raise local breed of sheep to ensure higher productivity.  Keeping in view, the increase demand of meat and wool, farmers have ...

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Directions to Cabbage farmers for better production

Farmers of cabbage have been instructed to cultivate the variety ‘ageti num 2’ from july 1st  and advised farmers to start cultivation at recommended time and complete the process till July 15. For ageti sowing the seed rate should be 1 kg whereas for pacheti sowing the seed rate should be half kg per acre. To protect seeds from diseases, ...

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