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Instructions to take precautions during harvesting of wheat

The Department of Agriculture said that 10 percent of wheat production is likely to be lost due to inappropriate harvesting methods. The spokesman said to the “APP” that during harvesting of wheat crop special attention must be given to proper harvesting methods. 10% of wheat production after harvesting is lost due to different reasons, therefore it is necessary to sucessfully ...

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Farmers are instructed to take precautions for harvesting of pulses

Agriculture expert has directed farmers to take precautions in the harvesting of pulses. The department spokesman said that the farmers should harvest the pulse at the right time so that the production is not affected. He said that prior to harvesting; remove the infected plants so that they can get healthy seeds from healthy plants. Harvesting should be done when ...

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Hydroponic technique can increase vegetable and fruit production

The country can increase vegetables and fruit production by 20 times by adopting modern agricultural technique ‘hydroponic’.  It had become need of the hour to shun traditional farming and to promote high-efficient irrigation agriculture for a better tomorrow. Hydroponic would help the country increase the vegetable and fruit production manifold with low water usage. In China, every farmer had adopted the hydroponic which is disease ...

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Best Climate for Tomato Cultivation

Tomato is very sensitive to cold. In most cultivars, flowering does not develop normally below 15oC or above 35oC. The optimum range lies between 21oC and 24oC. Seed germination does not occur in soil temperature below 10oC or beyond 35oC. The optimum range for germination occurs between mean soils temperatures of 15.5oC and 29oC. In the plains, most difficult period ...

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Prosperous farmers seminar organized by Basmati Heritage Association

The use of new standard and refined seeds can not only increase production Rather, quality of basmati rice can also be improved. Addressing the prosperous farmers seminar organized by the Directorate of Pakistan Basimati Heritage Association, Punjab said that the use of standard and certified seeds should increase double production and foreign exchange. Seminar main aim is to promote basimati ...

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To stop the attack of fruit fly farmers should spray muskmelon crop immediately

In summer as the temperature increases, the chances of fruit-fly attack also increases on muskmelon crop. So it is important to keep an eye on the crop and as soon as symptoms of insect attack are seen, consult the agriculture experts and spray the recommended chemical. They said that farmers should avoid the poisonous spray without consulting experts or agriculture department, ...

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