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Farmers are dvised to cultivate hybrid varieties of maize

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to cultivate hybrid varieties of maize to increase per acre yield. The hybrid varieties include FH 810 and Yusaf wala including hybrid seeds of other multi-national companies like Syngenta, Pioneer and Cargill. He said that in case of drill cultivation seed rate should be 12 to 15 kg and in case of sowing on seed ...

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Role of Punjab Seed Corporation in seed industry.

Provincial Minister for Agriculture Naeem Ahmed said that the Punjab Seed Corporation is considered leader in the seed industry. After wheat, maize seeds will also be sold on record. Farmers should use healthy seeds from Punjab seed corporation. Provincial Minister of Agriculture Naeem Ahmed said that the MD Punjab seed corporation has been given a task to provide farmers with ...

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Farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from diseases and weeds : Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts said that farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from insects and Weeds for its better yield. Weed control is mainly by hand-chipping and inter-row cultivation. Some herbicides are currently registered or have permits for use on garlic. Onion thrips are the only major insect pest of garlic. They can be controlled by spraying with a registered insecticide. ...

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Increase in wheat growth due to recent precipitations.

Agriculture experts have said that wheat development and weeds growth has increased due to recent rainfalls. Therefore, farmer should make sure of immediate removal of weeds in case on their attack on field. Farmers said that due to recent rainfall in most areas of Punjab, there will be a pleasant impact on wheat crop, but the growth of weed will ...

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Sub surface monitoring system-Enviroscan

Enviroscan tracks moisture, temperature and salinity of the soil. It gives complete control of irrigation schedules, by indicating when and how much to irrigate. It helps to identify the root zone and measure the exact soil moisture in the root zone. It aids in the better uptake of water, fertilizer and nutrients and thus enhancing yield, quality and revenues.

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Awareness campaign to increase vegetable production

Agriculture department has launched awareness campaign in Punjab to increase vegetable production throughwhich farmers are being informed about modern ways of vegetable farming. Fruit and Vegetable development Project spokesperson said that due to departmental efforts, vegetable production in Punjab has increased and now farming is increasing its profit by growing seasonal vegetables than other crops.

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Tea import increased by 2.13 percent

Pakistan is among the highest consumers of tea in the world. Pakistan imports tea from twenty-one different countries comprising Kenya, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and India etc. In the first 7 months of the current financial year, tea import in the country increased by 2.15 percent. Tea import increased by 2.15 percent during the financial year ended on June 30,2018 ...

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Approved varieties must be used for cotton cultivation, Agriculture Experts

Agriculture experts have instructed farmers to cultivate registered varieties of cotton BT varieties such as VH-178, CIM-602, BH-178, FH-LALAZAR, FH-142, IUB-13, MNE-988,VH-305,AGC-999 and AGC-777 while local varieties such as CM-554, NIAB-777,CIM- 608, CRSM-38,BH-167,FH-942,NIAB-846, NIAB-112, SANTO-124, CIM-620 and Niab 2008 must be cultivated in order to obtain better production.

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Precautionary measures for harvesting pulses

The head of agriculture department said that the farmers should harvest pulses at the right time so that the production is not affected. Before harvesting, remove the disease-affected plants so that healthy seeds can be obtained from healthy plants. Harvesting should be done when 90% of the pulses are ready. Morning is suitable for harvesting as moisture level is high ...

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