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Select fertile soil and shady place for the cultivation of loquat, Experts

For the good quality production of Loquat, cultivate good varieties of seeds and plant in pots.Seed Germination require one month. In Punjab and KPK the area under cultivation of loquat has been increased while in Rawalpindi , Hazara , Peshawar, Mardan division cultivation of loquat for export purpose has also been increased. Hence Agriculture expert have directed growers to cultivate ...

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Ban Imposed On Rice Cultivation In Sukkur Barrage and Rohri Canal Areas

The Deputy Commissioner Capt retd Bilal Shahid Rao has said the Sindh Government had imposed a ban on rice cultivation in Sukkur Barrage and Rohri canal areas and the district administration would strictly implement on it in its jurisdiction. The Deputy Commissioner said ban on cultivation of rice crop was imposed due to shortage of irrigation water. The Committees have been directed to submit a ‘No Cultivation of Rice ...

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Farmers should protect maize crop from shoot flies and borers

Agriculture Department has advised maize farmers to water the plants from flowering stage till seed formation on corn cobs  to reduce the chances of crop damage. The spokesman of agriculture department said that the maize crop can be affected by the attack of shoot fly and borers so if any type problem related to insects is observed on the crop ...

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Rice can be also cultivated in sodic and saline soil

Experts of University of Agriculture Faisalabad said that such sodic and saline soils where no other crop can be cultivated, rice crop can be easily cultivated there. However rice can’t cultivated in sandy soils where the particles of clay are less in amount and water cannot stand there. He said that good production of rice can be achieved by cultivating ...

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Impact of long term water stress on jambul plants

Agricultural experts of Faisalabad have instructed farmers, to not allow water shortage to jambul plants because the plants are badly affected if required amount of water is not available in the early growth stages. The gardener should water the plants every 7-10-days, and do pruning of diseased branches before flowering so that flowers can have improved growth. House flies, honey ...

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Plans to make Pothohar region olive valley

Barani Agricultural Research Institute has provided farmers with free olive saplings in order to convert Pothohar region into olive valley. The department is also conducting awareness and training programs to facilitate the people by creating awareness on olive cultivation techniques and producing value added products. Wasif Khursheed Secretary Agriculture Punjab said this during twelfth meeting of the Olive development Board ...

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Chinese Scientists Find Key Gene to Save Fertilizer for Crops

Chinese scientists have found a key gene in crops that make them more efficient in utilizing nitrogen fertilizer, which will help reduce the use of fertilizer. The application of nitrogen fertilizer is an important measure to increase the yields of crops such as rice and wheat. However, a large amount of nitrogen fertilizer also brings about ecological problems such as ...

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