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Feed used for poultry is according to the international standard, Poultry Association

Islamabad (APP) Pakistan poultry Association representative said hazardous feed cannot be used for growth of chicken. Poultry feed used for birds growth is according to international standard. He has given another statement that across the world; develop countries produce chicken weighing 2.2 kg in 5 weeks but in Pakistan it takes 6 weeks to produce the same weight. He said ...

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Use of injections for increasing milk production is harmful.

The number of cows and buffalos in the country is very high and the total production of milk at the domestic level is about 35%, but this milk is inaccessible to fulfill the growing human needs. Nowadays farmers inject oxytocin hormone in milking animals to increase the production and drainage of milk. The use of this injection is wrong and ...

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JazzCash to digitize agriculture payments

The Punjab agriculture department encouraged the farmers in an effort to strengthen production and efficiency of crops and has decided to financially support the cost of producing the crops. Punjab agriculture department will pay out the support price on fertilizer, cotton, oil seeds and other agricultural inputs through JazzCash. The JazzCash team has developed a user friendly interface for the ...

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Export of rice, FPCII will create a trade delegation

The delegation will visit major countries for increasing the revenue, Rafique Sulman. Rafique Sulman convener of the rice committee of the Federal Chamber, said that trade delegation will be formed soon and FPCCI platform will visit important countries to increase rice exports. Commenting on the data on rice import last year, he said that during the first 8 months of ...

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Cultivate sorghum to reduce nutrients deficiency in livestock

The department of agriculture have advised sorghum cultivators to cultivate sorghum to reduce the deficiency of food for livestock because it is the favorite and easily available fodder of summer season. Sorghum can bear the heat and water stress so it is grown all around the Punjab province. Recommended varieties of sorghum i.e JS 2002, JS 263, chakwal jawar and ...

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Effective weed control is essential for good yield of Gram.

Chickpeas are poor competitors with weeds because of their slow emergence and growth during winter. Effective weed control is essential for good yields and to avoid the buildup of troublesome weeds in the rotation. Management for broad leaf weeds needs to begin in the preceding cereal year because there are few options for in-crop control. In particular vetch and other ...

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Plan to protect the farmers from financial instability

Department of agriculture ministry Karachi Sindh is going to introduce a scheme to promote agricultural business according to the latest requirements in the province of Sindh, which will not only provide opportunities to small farmers for modern agricultural business, but also provide pure agricultural products without hazardous effects of fertilizer for the people living in cities including Karachi. Through this ...

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Water management in poultry sheds during summer

Livestock experts said that water in poultry farming is very important, as non availability of water in severe hot weather can cause increase death rate in chicks and decrease growth rate and production. Therefore it is necessary to do proper arrangements of clean water in poultry sheds during summer season. Water is more important as compared to food because without ...

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Wheat production to stay slightly above target.

The overall situation of wheat crop is impressive and the farmers must be happy. By the grace of Allah Almighty production will be more than the target. Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial said this while presiding over a high-level meeting on wheat crop. He instructed directors to take measures to protect the wheat crop affected with rust.

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