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Farmers are instructed to cultivate spring maize.

From January 15 to February 28, is the most suitable time for the cultivation of maize in plain areas. Whereas maize can be cultivated from February 15 to March 20, in addition to the hilly areas of Rawalpindi Division. Maize is the most important food crop after wheat and rice. Maize is a major component of the diet of many ...

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Farmer should use recommended dose of fertilizers in wheat crop.

Wheat growers use recommended fertilizers according to their soil analysis report. In determining the exact dose of fertilizers, the basic fertility of the soil, soil color, available canal or tube well water level are important. Farmers who are unable to use the recommended amount of phosphorus fertilizer during wheat cultivation should have one bag of mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP) or if ...

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Prevention of honey comb from wax moth.

Apiculturists should clean the hives thoroughly to prevent it from wax moths. The entrance of the hives should be tightened and the other holes should be closed. According to the specialists,  these wax  moths make silky tunnels  in the honey combs and during extreme attack, destroy the combs completely as a result of which the bees leaves the hive and ...

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Farmers are advised to start Bitter Gourd cultivation from February.

Agriculture expert has advised farmers to start cultivation of bitter gourd from February and complete it by the end of March to get bumper yield. A spokesman of agriculture extension department told that growers should cultivate approved varieties of bitter gourd as these had better disease resistance in addition to provide maximum produce. Farmers should use 3 or 4 kg ...

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