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Growers Advised To Cultivate Sugarcane In September For Bumper Crop.

The agriculture experts have advised the farmers to use latest technologies and cultivate approved sugarcane varieties in September for getting bumper yield. Spokesman of Agriculture Department said the approved varieties have most resistance against various diseases besides giving high quality yield. He told that the agriculture department has approved various sugarcane varieties include CPF-243, CPF-246, CPF-247, SHF-240, HSF-242, CP-77-400, CP-72-2086, ...

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Maize production increased by 13.72 million tons

The domestic production of maize has increased by 13.72 million tons during the last five years. According to data from the Economic Review Report, the national production of maize during the financial year 15-2014 was 49 lac 37 thousand tons. During the last financial year 19-2018, the production of maize was increased by 63 lac 9 thousand tonnes, thus recorded ...

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Vegetable Crops Important Due To High Nutritional Value.

Vegetable crops are very important due to their higher yield potential, higher return and high nutritional value and suitability for small farmers. Vegetables provide proteins, minerals and vitamins required for human body, said Ch. Muhammad Siddique, Deputy Director Fruit and Vegetables while addressing the farmers to mark the Farmers Day at Chak No 41-JB near here Monday. In view of ...

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Warm and moderate temperatures suitable for olive cultivation

To meet the need of edible oil, it is directed to cultivate olives on maximum land. By promoting olive cultivation billions of rupees of import can be saved and additional produce can be exported after meeting domestic needs.  Warm and moderate temperature is suitable for olive cultivation therefore olives can be grown easily in areas where the weather is not ...

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Pakistan became the world’s 12th largest producer of kinnows

Pakistan is the 12th largest producer of kinnow in the world. Kinnows are cultivated on an area of ​​66 lac 70 thousand acres, yielding an average of more than 26 crore tons annually. Russia is a major import market for Pakistan kinnows and Pakistan exports 5,000 containers annually to the country, ie, 30,000 tons of kinnows. Also, kinnows are exported ...

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Steps To Be Taken To Achieve 8 Mln Cotton Bales.

A spokesman for the Punjab Agriculture department said on Saturday that complete guidance was being provided to the farmers to meet the set cotton production target. He said that currently cotton crop had entered into important phase and all possible steps would be taken to achieve the target of 8 million cotton bales. Spokesman said the growers must carry out ...

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Mealy Bug Attacks Cotton Field

Farmers should take special care of cotton crop as mealy bug attack is being witnessed in various areas of South Punjab. The mealy bug attack can affect cotton productivity.  If it is not controlled timely, it would lead to disaster in the cotton sector. So, farmers must observe cotton plants minutely and in case of mealy bug, they should spray plants at the earliest with the advice of agriculture experts. Similarly, there should be no shortage of water in ...

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Cotton Technical Advisory Committee instructed to guide recommendations on weekly bases

Secretary Agriculture Punjab Wasef Khurshid said that cotton and its products account for 51% of Pakistan’s total exports, 68% of local edible oil is obtained from Banula. From the current crop all possible resources are being utilized to achieve the target of 8 million bales of cotton. On this occasion, he said that the cotton crop is undergoing a significant ...

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Ostrich Farming

Ostrich is a large flightless hardy bird of African origin. It belongs to running bird family. It has long neck and small head, with large eyes and short broad beak. It spreads small wings while running. The long powerful legs are used for defense. The feet have only two toes. It can survive in temperatures ranging from 2 degrees to ...

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