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Soil Health Vital To Improve Agriculture Productivity

Imbalance use of fertilizers is damaging fertility of soil and resulting in low productivity, said cotton expert, Dr Sagher Ahmed, a Ph.D scholar and progressive farmer. Soil health was ignored across the country by the farmers due to lack of awareness and information.  The use of nitrogen and phosphorus are still under-dose adding that potassium and some micro nutrient including boron, ...

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Irrigation schedule for Cotton

Fields should be irrigated according to the soil fertility, method of sowing, stage of crop and water requirements of the crop. The signs of water deficiency are first visible on the upper bank of the field, which include bluish appearance of leaves, the internode distance decreases in the upper branches of the main stem, white flowers at the top, reddening ...

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Use of bio-fertilizer to increase production of leguminous crops

Experts of agriculture said that importance of bio fertilizers is growing rapidly over time as it has been helpful in preventing the rapid decrease in natural fertility of the earth, while using bio-fertilizer for the leguminous plants their productivity can be increased to 15 -100 percent. He said that bio-fertilizer consists of such bacteria that not only maintain the natural ...

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Sufficient Wheat Stock Available In GB

Deputy Director Civil Supply Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Ikramullah Baig said that the government was taking effective measures to ensure adequate wheat supply and currently there was no wheat shortage in any district of GB. He said, the department had supplied enough wheat to the upper areas of different districts of GB as depots had been established at various main points of ...

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Nursery Transplantation of Rice

In this case sowing is first done in nursery beds.When the plants attain a height of 4 ” to 6 “,they are transplanted into big fields.This method is also called the Japanese method.It is the most scientific and beneficial method.By its practice ,the per acre production increases considerably.Rice is mostly cultivated in rows and the distance from row to row ...

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Cotton grower must check weather updates before spray

Do not spray zinc and boron mixed with other insecticides. Spokesperson Multan Agriculture Department said that Cotton growers must see weather updates before spraying cotton crop. For early sowing of cotton, Nitrogen should be applied in 6 splits. First 1/6th part with sowing , then next 1/6th part after 30-35 days of sowing and later nitrogen doses should be applied ...

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Agriculture Department Punjab strategies to improve cotton production

Farmers have been instructed by the Punjab Agriculture Department, that cotton germination will be completed within four to five days after sowing. In the field where the spare is present, remove dry soil, soften the soil and fill the spare places. Sow 8 kg per acre of standard, healthy, pure and good-growing recommended. Seeds must be treated properly with fungicide ...

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Growers are advised to start rice cultivation from 20th May

Growers have been advised to start the cultivation of rice crop from May 20 and complete it by the end of June for getting bumper yield. Spokesman for the agriculture extension department said the AARI-6, KS-282, KSK-133 and NIAB AARI-9 should be cultivated between May 25 to June 7, whereas Super Basmati should be cultivated from May 25 to June 20. He said that from June 01 to 20 is the best time for cultivation of Basmati-370, Basmati-385, Basmati Pak, Basmati-2000 ...

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