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Punjab Govt launches warehouse-recovery program for farmers, agri-commodities

Punjab Government has launched "Agricultural Warehouse-Recovery Program on the basis of Public Private Partnership to protect the prosperity of the farmers and agricultural commodities.According to the spokesman of Agriculture Department, farmers will be able to store their agricultural commodity to store at warehouses, under this program.He said this facility is being provided in order to store crop product safe and ...

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Characteristics of Sesame are similar to olive oil

Agriculture Experts said that sesame has been successfully cultivated in more than 70 countries of the world. Its characteristics are similar to Olive oil , if it is mixed with 5-10% crude oil then its quality is improved. To increase Sesame per acre production, it must be protected from attack of different diseases.

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7.06 percent increase in palm oil import in the month of March

Special attention required for Palm oil production in the country During the financial year 2017-18, the imports of palm oil have increased 7.06 percent in March. According to statistics of Pakistan March 2018, the national imports of Palm Oil increased to 22.2 billion. Therefore, imports of Palm Oil increased by 7.06% comparing with previous year 2017. Economic experts said that ...

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Mango harvesting and storage

Mangoes are usually harvested when they have reached maximum size and have not (quite) started to ripen. The optimum time for harvesting is not easy to establish, but can be determined somewhat by the shape, peel colour, flesh colour and firmness.(Note: for many mango varieties the peel colour is not related to the internal colour and ripeness).Mangoes produce very little ...

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Thinning of Basil plants must be done: Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts instructed Basil crop growers to do irrigation regularly and said that first 2 to 3 irrigation must be done with an interval of one week. After complete germination irrigation should be done after 15 days interval. Irrigation must be done in such a way that ridges should not be overfilled with water. When size of plants increase upto ...

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Soil and climate requirement for Lemon cultivation: Agriculture Experts

Lemon is grown in both dry and humid atmospheres, the latter being a disadvantage mainly in the processes of curing and storing. The lemon tree has the reputation of tolerating very infertile, very poor soil. Recommended soils are sand, clay and sandy–clay–deep, with high permeability and good drainage. Black soils are also suitable if not lying over calcareous sub-soil. Ph ...

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Weed Management

Without weed control, a farmer might make a few bushels of corn or soybeans, but a producer could make no harvestable cotton. Cotton is a tropical perennial grown in warm temperate regions as a summer annual, and is a poor competitor against many of the weeds.Following planting, cotton requires 8 weeks of weed-free growth to make maximum yields. Good yields ...

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Punjab Govt doubles subsidy over DAP

The Punjab government have doubled subsidy over diammonium phosphate (DAP) being provided to farmers as it was increased from Rs 150 per bag to Rs 300 per bag. Punjab Secretary Agriculture Muhammad Mehmood on Friday said the subsidy would also be given to all phosphoric Urea.The govt was taking steps to increase production as per demand of the country and ...

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Sweet potato can be cultivated in mid-April to mid-June

Sweet potato can be cultivated in mid-April to mid-June Farmers are instructed for timely use of Irrigation, hoeing and fertilizer and Agriculture experts said that if there is no frequent rain than irrigate sweet potato at least 7 to 8 times. At initial stages irrigate it 2 to 3 times a week later irrigation can be increased up to 15 ...

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