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Vegetable Garden Irrigation: How Much and How Often?

garden irrigation tips and plans; how often and how much do you need to water your vegetable garden?Healthy gardens need adequate water, time for the foliage to dry out, and good drainage in order to flourish.All of these methods will work for your vegetable garden depending on how large it is.However, hand-watering can be rather time-consuming when tending a large ...

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Growing off-season vegetables in tunnels by using less than 40 per cent water

Tunnel farming is gaining acceptance among educated farmers as it provides them with an opportunity to grow vegetables in off-season by using less than 40 per cent water and managing required temperatures by capturing heat during winters.Agricultural experts point out that three main impediments that impact agricultural growth in the country are chronic water shortages, low per acre yield and ...

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Water scarcity a severe threat to economy: traders

Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders on Sunday said water crisis has developed into a drought like condition and a serious threat to the economy. “Dams are at dead level; there is almost no water in the rivers and the availability of water is hardly enough for human consumption,” a statement issued by the organization said. “There is no water for ...

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Take proper care of almond plants : Agriculture Expert

Agriculture Experts instructed to take proper care of Almond plants in summers. Apply Bordeoux mixture to plants to avoid them from extreme hot conditions.Irrigation intervals must be 10-15 days.The preferred method of irrigation is a basin around each tree the size of the canopy above. There should be channels connecting the basins so that irrigation of the trees scan be ...

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Rural Poultry Farming

Since long time ago, People used to raise hens for meat and eggs purpose at their homes. Prior to 1963 the native breed Desi was mainly raised in Pakistan with maximum production of 73 eggs per year under local conditions. Increase in nutritional demand of people has led to induction of various breeds in our farming system. Now a days ...

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Farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from diseases and weeds : Agriculture Experts

Agriculture Experts said that farmers are instructed to protect Garlic crop from insects and Weeds for its better yield.Weed control is mainly by hand-chipping and inter-row cultivation. Some herbicides are currently registered or have permits for use on garlic.Onion thrips are the only major insect pest of garlic. They can be controlled by spraying with a registered insecticide.Leaf diseases of ...

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Campaign to raise awareness among farmers on pesticides

The Agriculture Department has taken up an intensive campaign to create awareness among farmers about proper application of pesticides that incidents of farmers falling sick after spraying pesticides will not recur this year.Agriculture officers are visiting villages and talking to farmers about what pesticides could be sprayed and procedures of spraying pesticides.The use of pesticides is increasing in Pakistan; so ...

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