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Punjab still stops cotton sowing before April 15

The government of Punjab has issued directives, telling farmers to refrain from cotton sowing before Aril 15 and complete cultivation by May 15, a time frame, if followed, will shield the vital cash crop from attacks of pink bollworm. However, industry players apprehend the decision will eventually lead to a reduction in cotton-sowing area, bring down overall production and hurt ...

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Mangla and Tarbela dams to reach dead level in coming days

A report has stated that the water level in the two biggest dams of the country, Tarbela and Mangla, will reach their dead level in the next thirty-six hours. Dead level refers to the water level that has dropped to dangerously low levels. This is because the surrounding areas where these dams are situated have not received much rain in ...

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Punjab: Cash prize of Rs. 500,000 On identification of adulteration

Punjab Food Authority intended to trigger grand operation against adulteration mafia and announced Rs.500,000/- cash prize on their identification. Punjab Food Authority has decided to conclude operation against mafia on large scale. As per sources contamination in milk, butter, plough ghee, tea, ice cream, ketchup, pickle, red pepper and other spices will not be tolerated at any cost. In this ...

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Kohat: Guavas spreading over vast fields are in danger

Guavas from Kohat are very popular in their delicious taste and fragrance but unfortunately are in danger now a days. Guava from Kohat has huge demand for his beautiful taste all over the country also it has huge chunk in total production of Guava in the country. In Kohat guava fields are spread over 2300 acres land from where they ...

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Climate Resilient Groundnut Varieties

Punjab contributions about 90% of groundnut in Pakistan with dryland Pothwar as core production area. Barani Agricultural Research Institute, Chakwal-the only research institute in Punjab working on developing high yielding groundnut varieties with drought and disease tolerance as climate change adaptation characteristics. The groundnut varieties developed by BARI have shown more tolerance towards different diseases as compared to other varieties. ...

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Thar: disease Rani Khet get worse, claimed 45 more peacocks

Bird disease Rani Khet has spreaded over more villages hence claiming more birds’ lives. In village Deplu 9 peacocks died, totally 45 birds deceased during the past week, dozen are still ill. In In Thar desert, demise of beautiful peacoks is up and spreaded over more villages. As per Wild Life Department 45 birds has lost their lives due to ...

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Farmers to get cash prizes for eradicating warble fly

MULTAN: As part of a new strategy to protect cattle from dangerous diseases, the livestock department has announced giving cash prizes to farmers who remove warble fly or its larvae present on the skin and hide of animals. “Mehro Makhi’ or warble fly attack is highly dangerous for animals as it punctures skins, affects reproduction system and growth of animals,” ...

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Research says eating fruits do not accumulate fats.

People fear about sugar contents in fruits that might increase their sugar level or body fats while doctors say consume fruits as much as you can because eating fruits never cause fats on your body. Dr. Katherine from Decon University Austrailia states, people who eats fruits daily are less likely to be fat as compare to those who do not ...

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