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Oxytocin is a hormone released from anterior pituitary gland in animals as well as human beings. This hormone is protein in nature and it is transported through blood from the site of release to the site of action. In Pakistan, unfortunately oxytocin is being used blindly by farmers living in villages for milk let down in their animals without knowing ...

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Pumpkin Cultivation must be started in Mid July

Pumpkin Cultivation must be started in Mid July .It is warm season crop. But it can withstand cool weather. The plant is also tolerant to partial shade. Pumpkin is grown on all types of soil. But loam, sandy loam and clay loam soils are considered best for its cultivation. The soil should be thoroughly prepared. It does best at a ...

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Cultivation Of mint should be started in the end of August

Agriculture expert said that cultivation Of mint should be started in the end of August and completed till September. Mints are vigorous perennials that thrive in light soil with good drainage.Ideally, they prefer a moist but well-drained site, something like their native habitat along stream banks.Most will tolerate some shade, and the variegated types may require some protection from direct ...

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Eradicate weeds from maize crop

A weed is any plant growing in a wrong place, usually considered undesirable.Uncontrolled weeds compete with the crop of interest for nutrients, moisture and space, and may completely suppress the crop if uncontrolled. They also harbour pests and diseases.Young maize seedlings can easily be overwhelmed by weeds.Weeds take full advantage of the wide rows and upright growth of maize, colonizing ...

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Mango Festival To Start on July 13 in Multan

Three days long mango festival will start in Multan on July 13. Its main purpose is to promote the production of mango in Pakistan. This festival is a combined efforts of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture and Bahauddin Zakariya University. Ambassadors of different countries, agricultural scientists, auditors, mango farmers and different industries will be participating in this festival.

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Take proper care of the Guava trees, agricultural experts

Whiteflies, particularly Bemisia whiteflies, are a minor pest of guava trees and usually don’t require treatment to control their populations. Identify the tiny, adults by their red eyes, two sets of white wings and yellow body, which is 1 /25 of an inch long. To control whiteflies naturally, get rid of infested leaves and spray the tree with your garden ...

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Tomato crop must be protected from Insects, Agriculture Experts

Insects, such as white fly and aphids cause physical damage only when they occur in large numbers. However, they may transmit viruses, which can cause much greater damage. These insects can come from outside your field, and may cause entire crop to become infected. Also, leaves damaged by insects become more susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases.Crop must be protected ...

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Agriculture Experts recommended to cultivate Tinda in the rainy season till end of July.

Sandy loam soils rich in organic matter with good drainage and pH ranging from 6.5-7.5 is best suited for Tinda cultivation. This crop requires a moderate warm temperature. Tinda prefers light or sandy soils where its roots can penetrate easily. Tinda is mainly cultivated in the lowlands, from sea-level up to approximately 1000 m altitude. It likes warm, sunny conditions ...

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