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Cultivation of vegetables in low tunnel should be completed till 15th December.

Farmers have been instructed to start cultivation of cucumber, bottle gourd, sponge gourd, bitter gourd, ash gourd, melon and water melon in low tunnel from 1st December to 15th December. They said that this time is appropriate for off-season cultivation and by direct sowing of these vegetables higher productivity can be obtained. Spokesperson of Agriculture Department said that one metre ...

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Agriculture Department has announced approved varieties for sunflower cultivation.

In order to obtain bumper crop of sunflower this year, Agriculture Department has announced approved varieties of sunflower and instructed farmers to timely cultivate the crop. Spokesperson of Agriculture Department said that cultivation of sunflower in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan, Khanewal, Multan, Vehari and Bahawalnagar should be started from 1st January till 31st January. While in Muzaffargarh, Dera Ghazi Khan, ...

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Tomatoes require 14-30◦C temperature for better growth, Vegetable Specialists.

Tomato is a warm season crop, it requires warm and cool climate. The plants cannot withstand frost and high humidity. Also light intensity affects pigmentation, fruit colour and fruit set. The plant is highly affected by adverse climatic conditions. It requires 14-30◦C temperature for optimum growth and development. Vegetable Specialists said that, for transplanting tomato seedlings, fertile loamy soil rich ...

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After last picking, immature bolls and stalks left in cotton field must be removed, Agriculture Experts.

Department of Agriculture Punjab has directed farmers to start off season management for cotton crop. Director Agriculture Faisalabad said that after the last picking of cotton, field must be grazed by goats and sheep, in order to let them feed on pink bollworm and its larval stage. As pink bollworm is a major pest of cotton, so the objective of ...

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In worldwide production, Pakistan ranks seventh, fourth and sixth position in wheat, cotton and sugar respectively.

In Worldwide production of agriculture products, Pakistan ranks seventh in wheat production, fourth in cotton, sixth in sugar, thirteenth in rice and twentieth in maize production. However, if farmers use advanced technologies for production and follow agricultural consultation this ranking can be improved. Spokesperson of Ayub Research said that the respective institution is largest research institute of Pakistan and due ...

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Agricultural Experts have directed farmers to protect fruit plants and nurseries from frost during winter season.

During winter season it is necessary to offer protection against frost. Agricultural experts have directed growers to protect fruit plants and nurseries from frost damage during winter. They said in plain areas of Punjab from the start of November to almost the end, there is fear of frost occurrence, so proper measures should be taken in order to save the ...

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Three to four irrigations are necessary for obtaining a higher production of wheat, Agricultural Experts.

Adequate soil moisture is required for proper development of the wheat crop during every growth stage. Agricultural Experts said that timely irrigation of wheat crop is extremely important because if proper moisture is not available at early growth stages then the growth and development ceases. They said three to four irrigations are required for obtaining a better yield. Wheat crop ...

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