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Cauliflower gives higher production under cold humid climate.

Cauliflower is a winter vegetable. It grows best in a comparatively cool temperature with a moist atmosphere. It is used in different forms such as salads, soup or cooked. It is a nutritious vegetable and offers numerous impressive benefits. Cold humid climate is considered best for obtaining higher yields. Suitable temperature is necessary for development of good produce. A temperature ...

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Fertile loamy soil with good drainage is considered best for onion cultivation.

Onions generally require cool weather to produce their tops and warm weather to produce their bulbs. They’re frost-hardy. Onion is cultivated in cold weather, and later it requires longer and hot days for proper growth and development. In Punjab, two crops of onion are cultivated, spring and autumn crop. Spring crop, nursery is raised in October and plants are transfer ...

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Mint cuttings should be transplanted during October- November.

Mints are vigorous perennials that thrive in light soil with good drainage. Ideally, they prefer a moist but well-drained soil. In the East Punjab, the mints cuttings can be cultivated from September to January, but in order to achieve higher production, the roots of mints are recommended to transplant during October. When cuttings are transplanted during October, it enhances mint ...

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Fertile loamy soil with good drainage is suitable for fenugreek cultivation

Fenugreek can be cultivated in wide varieties of soils with rich organic matter. However, loamy or sandy loamy soils with good drainage are best suitable for fenugreek cultivation. Moderate cold weather is required for its production. Cool climate is very best for proper growth and development of leaves. After land preparation farm yard manure at the rate of 10-15 tonnes ...

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Good soil preparation is essential for growing vegetable crops.

All vegetables need soil that is rich in nutrients. It is very important to properly prepare soil for obtaining higher productivity of vegetable. Because at cultivation at higher and low places adversely affect seed growth and production due to lack of moisture available there. Therefore, the field should be properly prepared and made completely smooth after deep ploughing. If simple ...

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Berseem requires cool temperature during germination and early growth stages.

Berseem is leguminous fodder crop and provide proteins and other minerals to animals. It is adapted to cool and moderately cold climate. The optimum temperature at the time of sowing berseem should be 25◦C. For proper vegetative growth temperature range of 25◦C to 27◦C has been found ideal. Temperature below 20◦C is not suitable for its cultivation and it effects ...

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Sindh and Baluchistan are set to reap a bumper onion crop

In Sindh and Baluchistan 8 lakh tonnes onion production is expected. The Sindh Resident Association says that the government should take immediate measures for the onion export, which will benefit only not only farmers but it will also help the country to get a valuable exchange. According to the Sindh Resident Association, a bumper crop of onion is expected in ...

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Livestock sector development for poverty reduction in rural areas

Livestock production is one of the important enterprise in which small scale rural producers can successfully engage to improve their livelihood and obtain a relatively constant stream of income. The majority of poor households, especially landless or small landowners, depend on livestock for income. In low-income agrarian economies, livestock form an integral part of predominantly smallholder diversified crop-livestock farming systems. ...

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Crude oil, coal and cotton prices increased, World Market

During a week, an increase in the price of crude oil, coal and cotton has been recorded in the global market. Crude oil price has reached the highest level during last 4 years in the global market. Last week the price of crude oil in the global market increased by 1.77 percent, due to which price of crude oil increased ...

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