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Sesame cultivation suitable for hot weather

Hot weather is suitable for sesame cultivation. Its seed contain more than 50 percent of oil and about 22 percent of protein. Sesame oil quality is comparable to that of olive oil. Approved varieties of sesame includes TH6 whose sowing time is 15 june till 30 june and TS5 that can be sown from 25th june till 15 july. Seed ...

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Farmers are instructed to continue pest scouting in Rice fields.

The rice plant is vulnerable to many insects and diseases from its sowing to harvest. The major insect pests that causes significant yield losses are stem borers, leaf folders, plant-hoppers and leafhoppers. Since the introduction of high yielding varieties, distinct changes have occurred in the insect pest complex of Pakistan. Several species, which were once considered minor pests, are now ...

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Use of zinc in rice fields

The use of zinc is necessary to increase the production of rice especially on land where the crop is being cultivated for the first time because it may be zinc deficient. This deficiency can be removed by adding zinc which can in turn increase production.75 kg of zinc sulfate (33%) should be used for nursery. The use of zinc is ...

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Excess of sprays cause the reduction in global demand for Pakistani fruits

Excessive usage of pesticide, insecticides on the crops in Pakistan, creating tremendous environmental issues on one hand and there is almost no demand of Pakistani fresh fruits, vegetable and other agricultural commodity to global markets. In order to overcome these problems, we will have to set up the use of insecticides according to international standard. He said that most of ...

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Farmers should cultivate rice according to global standards, experts

Avoid use of Tricyclazol, Carbindazim and Thiophenate Methyl Agricultural experts have said that Pakistan’s Rice exporters are engaged in finding new markets around the world.Finding new markets will increase exports of Pakistani Rice.Farmers should make sure to cultivate rice according to the global standards.If agriculture departments recommendations are implemented, its quality will not be affected. The demand for agricultural rice ...

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Season 2019-20, estimates reduction in maize production

The International Census Council reduced the production of corn for season 2019-20, which is likely to reduce the US production. According to the recent review report issued by the Consulate, production during the season 2019-20 has been predicted to be 1.118 billion ton and that of the previous estimates was 7 million ton, while the global consumption of corn will ...

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