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Protect chilies from rotting

As soon as the early stages of rotting are seen in green chilies, recommended poison should be sprayed. This disease initially appears in the form of dark spots on the fruit, and with the passage of time the whole fruit starts turning black from inside and eventually the whole fruit starts rotting and even if the fruit forms it is ...

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Sowing of canola

The farmer should sow the canola in rows 1 to 1.5 feet or 30 to 45 cm in distance and make sure the seed depth is not more than 1 to 1.5 inch or two to four centimeters.

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Mango production and export possible to increase by using Chinese technology

Significant increase in exports is possible with the use of Chinese support and advanced technology to increase the production of mango. Pakistan produces many types of sweet mangoes but very less profit is obtained in export market due to insufficient use of modern technology. Only 6% of Pakistan’s mango production is exported to 57 countries. A plan is being initiated ...

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Foot-and-mouth disease in animals.

It is very important disease of cow, buffalo and goats. It put bad effects on the health animals every year. It could be fetal for calf & bull’s .It reduced the milk production in the older animals. Pregnant animals often lose their fetus, therefore animals are sick for a period of time. Causes This disease caused by virus known as ...

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Prevent cauliflowers from insect attack

Cauliflowers may be at risk of white fly and army worm infestation due to the warm climate, so prune the plants after the emergence of seedlings and remove the sick and weak plants. Farmers should inspect the crops daily and use pesticides of new chemistry for insect removal.

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Fertilizer application for maize crop

Farmers should add two bags of nitrophos and half bag of urea for fodder crop at the time of sowing. For the seed crop, adding one bag of DAP, one bag of potash and half bag of urea with second irrigation can gave better yield. Before planting, sow 3 or 4 trolley farm yard manure per acre uniformly in the ...

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Precautionary measures of spraying pesticides

Farmers should put water before pouring chemical into the spray machine tank, then add the required amount of chemical and fill the tank with water. Farmers should use hollow cone nozzle to spray insecticides. Irrigate the field to prevent crop dehydration in hot dry weather.

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