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Blight or Brown Spot of Rice and its control

This disease has been recorded all over Pakistan. Initially small dots or circular eye shaped or oval spots appear light in colour on leaves. These spots coalesce and result in linear spots brown in colour. Later on withering and yellowing of leaves occur. Seed setting also affected and causes sterility, shrivelling and show rotting and poor germination.Diseased seeds, plant debris and soils help the fungus to survive, while air and irrigation water help to the fungus for transmitting from diseased to healthy plants.Use of resistant varieties or disease free seed in healthy soils,Sanitation and crop rotation,Hot water seed treatment at 54 oC for 10 minutes or with seed dressing fungicides,Collection and destruction of stubble and spraying with copper fungicides at right time and Application of suitable foliar fungicides may help to minimise further dissemination of the disease.

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